Better together: How Seibert Media is getting through the pandemic with Linchpin

Teamwork makes the dream work - getting through the pandemic with Linchpin

The last 14 months have been tough. Many of us have been forced to adjust to a new norm in the way we work, in addition to trying to keep ourselves and our loved ones healthy.

The focus has shifted from in-person collaboration to fully remote - or perhaps a hybrid of both. The constants in predicting whether these new ways of working will succeed or not are how strong your team is and how good your toolset is. And when it comes to teams and tools, collaboration is the name of the game, and Linchpin Social Intranet is your gateway to turning your new work situation into something positive!

Linchpin DashboardLinchpin Social Intranet - helping your teams stay in the loop

At the beginning of June, Clara Roder spoke at the META-INF at Atlassian Days 2021 on the topic of "How Seibert media is getting through the pandemic with Linchpin." In her talk, Clara tells you about her first-hand experience in what it was like to start her job with us in the middle of the pandemic. What has it really been like to turn our homes into our offices - with cats, kids, and all the rest that comes with it?

When we were asked what we've all missed the most, the answer was clearly social interaction. Whether it's sneaking off to the kitchen to grab a piece of cake after a meeting or hearing about the latest sports news over a coffee, not being able to have in-person interactions was sorely missed by everyone.


While not 100% the same, we were all able to keep that feeling alive with Linchpin intranet. Keeping up with daily microblog posts, virtual speed dating, or taking part in remote workshops became second nature to us.

Take a look at Clara's full talk to learn more about Linchpin and how it helped us stay sane over the last 14 months! There is something for everyone so learn how you and your teams can benefit from better, more streamlined collaboration with a great tool.

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