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The curtain rises for Linchpin Intranet Suite – Update 5.7

The curtain rises for Linchpin Intranet Suite - Update 5.7 - thumbnail

It’s showtime – clear the stage for Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.7! Our Linchpin team has been working, testing and fine-tuning for weeks and is now presenting the new update. Several of our users’ wishes have been implemented: From now on, you can set up automatic reminders for your events or put yourself on the waiting list. Also included: New picture galleries for news and events on Confluence pages, new people search functions, various newsletters, and much more… In our article, we give you an overview of the update package for the Linchpin intranet.

Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.6 – April Intranet Highlights

Linchpin Intranet Suite Update in April - thumbnail

It’s been almost exactly half a year since the last update of the Linchpin Intranet Suite – version 5.4 – and we’ve followed suit: Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.6 is waiting in the wings (along with Linchpin Essentials 2.6)! In this blog article, we’ll give you an overview of the highlights: The free footer configuration, enhancements in terms of event planning, fixed sizes for teaser macros, and implementation of gender-neutral practices.