Aura and Aura Compositions: Easily create beautiful & appealing Confluence pages

Have you ever seen such beautiful Confluence pages?

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Aura Compositions 2

Aura Compositions 1

Aura Compositions 3

Aura Compositions 4

All that must be complicated and time-consuming, right?

Wrong! You can be on your way to creating something in a snap.

But let's start from the beginning.  Creating a nice-looking page using the Confluence standard isn't easy, but improving existing pages is where the real challenge lies.  Once the page has been created, you can't revert back to a template anymore.

Atlassian has provided some videos and how-tos, but the resulting pages aren't really attractive or current.

You may have tried several Confluence apps from the Atlassian Marketplace that help customize your pages through macros.  However, all these apps have one thing in common - you need to be creative or familiar with design.  On top of that, it can be time-consuming.

So, what can you do when you just want to create great content and don't have access to the nearest designer?  Not only that - you have a deadline!  Imagine if you could choose from premade templates to upgrade the standard Confluence pages.

Imagine no longer! You can now create high-quality comparisons and add appealing descriptions in no time.  You can even create a full space home page, including navigation.  How?  With the Confluence app Aura and Aura Compositions.

Appealing, user-friendly Confluence pages with Aura Compositions

Aura Compositions is the newest macro included in the most recent Aura release.  All you need to do is just click and choose one of the beautifully designed templates, and you're done!  You now have your very own visually appealing, user-friendly, and easy-to-read page.  Of course, you can continue to customize them to suit your needs.


Live Demo and Testing

Want to know more about Aura for Confluence or just want to jump right into trying it out?  You can try the Aura app live or head over to the Atlassian Marketplace to download the app directly.  You will have the opportunity to test out all the features Aura has to offer at your own pace.

If you like the app, our development team would appreciate the positive feedback!

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