Aiming for the Top! An Adventurous Tale from Our 2023 Seibert Media Mountain Hiking Tour

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Not so long ago - from July 15 to 18, 2023, to be precise - ten brave souls from Seibert Media ventured into the untamed wilds of Tyrol, Austria. Along the way, they faced rugged mountains, steep slopes, stony paths, rocky trails, and ever-changing weather conditions.
Their mission? To immerse themselves in the pure, crisp mountain air, take a dip in mountain lakes, and cross paths with a variety of creatures. What may sound like a classic adventure truly lived up to it! And just like any epic adventure, this one is worth sharing. So, join us on their journey to the heart of the Alps...

First Day - Arrival and Acclimatization

Divided into three cars, our adventurers embarked on their journey from Wiesbaden to Austria last Saturday, with Kühtai as the ultimate destination. However, the outward journey did not go quite as smoothly as they had hoped... Right at the first mountain pass, the group found themselves stuck in a frustrating traffic jam, thanks to a bottleneck caused by the sheer volume of cars - It was a real roadblock, and they had to wait for hours.

Nevertheless, after arriving and settling into Dortmunder Hütte, the group took a brief stroll into the village. As the day wound down, a well-deserved dinner awaited them, featuring a salad buffet, a choice of two main courses, and a dessert. Following the meal, two mountain guides delved into discussion regarding everyone’s fitness levels and the plan for the upcoming days. Exciting and awe-inspiring adventures were in store for those eager to start hiking!

The atmosphere was fantastic, and Basti summed up the first day with these words: "The weather on arrival was amazing, and that first beer really hit the spot!" It sounds like a complete success!

Second Day - Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Espresso

The second day, shrouded in clouds, began with a relaxing yoga session before breakfast. Re-energized, the group embarked on their journey, first to the dam, then to the mountain lake, and finally to the first summit. One member of the group described the ascent to the summit as steep and treacherously sandy underfoot - demanding their full attention with every step. What could be more fitting than approaching it as a form of "cardio-meditation"? But the joy didn’t end with reaching the summit. Once at the top, Samuel treated everyone to the delightful experience of an outdoor espresso. Delicious!

Fuelled with newfound energy, three climbers then set off for another summit, navigating challenging and rocky terrain. But they proved unstoppable! Their hard work paid off as they reached the summit just in time to savor the breathtaking view before the clouds rolled in. These routes were rounded off by spontaneous yoga sessions on meadows and refreshing swims in the mountain lakes.

Aiming for the Top! An Adventurous Tale from Our 2023 Mountain Hiking Tour - Samuel Basti Martin Mareike power poses and summit cross

Third Day - Parting Ways, Valleys, and Animals

Following their initial achievements, our adventurers wasted no time - they set forth to pursue the high mountain tops. After some invigorating yoga and a hearty breakfast, they were off. However, the group soon divided into two - some opting for the "steady" hiking group, while others joined the "challenging" hiking group.

"I was part of the challenging group, and the day was awesome! The weather was perfect, the climb was great, and we even tackled a small “via ferrata,” complete with unforgettable encounters with mountain goats on narrow paths along the cliff’s edge before reuniting with the other group at the lake. The water in this particular lake was the iciest. It was practically a brain freeze in the making!" (Quote Basti)

"Through a loooong valley, passing by salt lick vending machines, streams and blueberry fields, we reached a mountain lake with lingering snow. The water was so cold that you only wanted to swim for a few seconds. It felt better than a dive after a sauna." (Quote Tobi)

Both groups definitely got their money's worth!

Aiming for the Top! An Adventurous Tale from Our 2023 Mountain Hiking Tour - Various animals crossing the hiking trail or near it

Fourth Day - Panoramic view, the Alps, and Farewell

By the fourth day, it was already time for departure. However, motivated as ever, a small group of adventurers, this time without any mountain guides, once again ascended a peak. And they did it in record time! In no time at all, they were up and back down - joining the rest of the group at the lake. The subsequent path led through ample forest, which offered protection from the sun. The last day was blazing hot with high temperatures.

Eventually, it was already time to say goodbye - to the mountains, the mountain lakes, and perhaps a few blisters (on their feet) - and start to make the return journey.

Aiming for the Top! An Adventurous Tale from Our 2023 Mountain Hiking Tour - picturesque photos of the hiking area

But this isn’t the end!

While this adventurous story has come to a close, at Seibert Media, countless other tales are waiting to be lived and shared! Are you eager to take part in the next adventure? Do you also want to reach new heights? Then take a look at our job offers (and if you're interested in English-speaking roles, keep an eye on this page as well! We’d be delighted to welcome you as a colleague, and together, we’ll embark on the next mountain tour (or another Seibert Media activity)!

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