Remote Working Around the World: Seibert Media Transcends Borders

Take a moment, close your eyes and imagine… the alarm rings and you get up and go to the kitchen to drink a nice cup of warm Costa Rican coffee as the sunlight seeps in through the window. You decide to walk outside through the double glass doors onto the terrace and breathe in the saltwater air. Reflecting back are the sparkling blue waves of the ocean. There’s something so soothing about staring into the blue vast ocean that brings a compelling sense of peace and awe. The best part? You never have to leave. For many, this is a dream, but for Christine, a long-time employee of Seibert Media, this is a reality.

I have virtually “sat down” with several colleagues to find out what remote working is like for those who chose to work remotely from the comfort of their homes. Seibert Media has several colleagues working and living around the world from Jacó, a beach town on the south pacific coast of Costa Rica, to the bustling city of Dublin and the mountainous states of Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in the United States. Seibert Media may be headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany, but its company culture extends much further.

Pura Vida! Christine in Escazú, Costa Rica

When asked about the best aspect of remote working, the answer is, without a doubt and unanimously: flexibility. For Christine, it's about the flexibility to structure her own work schedule and work in a comfortable environment. Christine spends half of her time working from her home in Escazú and the other half in Jacó, on the beach. She loves starting her mornings working from her bed and later switches to the sofa or terrace, then to a desk, and later to a different chair, and then back again! What is the best position in the world to work in? Any ideas about what this could be? Here's a hint!

Remote Working Around the World: Seibert Media transcends borders - Christine putting her feet up while working in Costa Rica

Who doesn't love to put their feet up?

Having the ability to move around and work in a comfortable environment is really important. Can you imagine having to sit in the same chair and desk from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm from Monday to Friday? Me neither, but it is the reality for many corporate white-collared workers. Luckily, remote working provides the flexibility to work from any position you want. Horizontal, vertical, diagonal… you name it : ) Although, there is one recommendation. Don’t forget your power cables for your work laptop! Christine has four workstations altogether and buys cables by the dozen. This way she can easily change positions throughout the day.

For Christine, there are clear benefits to choosing remote work and they have actually become more apparent over the last two years. Being a long-term employee, she felt a shift in remote working before the pandemic and after it had started. Before the pandemic, when remote working was not the norm, Christine found that most colleagues didn't like using their cameras during meetings. It was also very difficult to partake in company events such as parties, Agile Org Breakfasts, or company meetings since they were not via the web and it can be easy to be felt out if the events were not recorded. But, as remote working became the new normal, this is no longer the case!

The heart of America’s Dairyland - Colin (and Oshie) in Wisconsin, USA

Colin, our US Product Consultant, located in the state of Wisconsin, couldn't have agreed more when it comes to the benefits of remote working. Flexibility is the largest benefit and allows him to maintain a work-life balance and enjoy life away from the computer screen as a hockey coach for high school teens. In fact, it is one of the main reasons he wanted to work remotely from the get-go. That and the fact that remote working allows him to be home and have the best sales “person” by his side! Meet Oshie.

Remote Working Around the World: Seibert Media transcends borders - Collin's dog, Oshie on his birthday

Oshie on his birthday

He is definitely a star when it comes to capturing the hearts of customers and potential clients. HBO, an American television broadcasting program, loved him so much that they sent a gift basket full of wonderful treats. Now that is a customer-client relationship at its finest. Plus, what better way to spend a lunch break than to go for a walk when the weather is nice?

Remote working has its benefits, but it does come with some challenges. Working within a flat hierarchy, Colin has learned to work autonomously and define his role within the company. Early on he learned to say “no.” Being one of the only US employees within the past 3 years, it was very easy to become overwhelmed with requests or assignments. Communication is definitely key when it comes to effective remote working.

The Keystone state - Joshua in Pennsylvania, USA

Now, let’s make our way to the other side of the United States and meet Joshua, who actually started working for Seibert Media full-time this week and is located in the mountainous and forested state of Pennsylvania.

remote work seibert media style - joshua

Joshua is a jack of all trades and has worked several positions for much of his career. He joined Seibert Media as a freelance contract technical writer about a year ago during the midst of the pandemic. It isn't the easiest to start during the pandemic, but what appealed to Joshua the most about remote working is the opportunity to work in an international setting and across cultures. If you’ve read this far, then it is pretty clear that Seibert Media is definitely diverse!

Hallo…uh…hmmm….. Hello…..Moin?

The language barrier was something that Joshua was never really concerned about. The corporate culture at Seibert Media is very welcoming; everyone can speak or write (via chat or email) in the language they are most comfortable with - whether it is English or German. Working for a company remotely in a different country is really an international experience without having to move far from the comfort of one's home.

Being on the Northeastern side of the US, Joshua is only 6 hours behind the European Standard Time (EST) and can still catch several colleagues in Germany before they log out for the day. Also, there are plenty of Seibert Media employees in Germany and around the world, such as Colin and Christine, who are just beginning their day given the flexible work hours. Plus, as travel regulations are being lifted, Joshua is very excited to finally have the chance to visit the Seibert Media headquarters in Germany.

What's the craic? - Alex, Kira, and Olivia in Dublin, Ireland

The final stop on our world tour is the emerald island: Ireland. Surprisingly, there are actually quite a few colleagues in the bustling city of Dublin! Meet: Kira, Alex, and yours truly.

Remote Working Around the World: Seibert Media transcends borders - olivia, alex and kira in a pub in dublin

Olivia, Alex, and Kira

Outside of Germany, as remote workers, we are lucky to have the chance to meet up with fellow colleagues. I caught up with Kira and Alex on a Friday evening to chit-chat and enjoy our own “Friday Get-together and Drinks” at one of Dublin’s many pubs. You may be wondering “why are there three remote workers in Dublin?” Well, while we all have different starting stories with Seibert Media, all three of us have a very similar answer to this question. We originate from Germany, but we are all currently living and studying at different universities in Dublin. Even with different roles, Alex in sales and Kira and myself in marketing, the flexibility of remote working caters well to the lifestyles and priorities of student workers. Alex can attest to this.

Alex joined Seibert Media this past February, but he has quite a few years of experience working in the corporate world. Taking the chance to widen his horizons and live abroad, Alex decided to continue his studies in Dublin. If anyone has ever lived or worked in Dublin, they'll know that it's a very expensive city. One pint of Guinness costs 5 Euros, and don't even get me started about housing prices…. For students, working is important to gather experience and income to subsidize the cost of living. Having flexible working hours at Seibert Media means that students like Alex can also prioritize their studies. Alex works Thursday to Sunday each week for a total of 20 hours. On the days that he is not working, Alex can focus on his classes, assignments, and group work. Alex has been in the office only once, so he also looks forward to going back when he returns to Germany at the end of the semester and over the summer break.

Remote Working is here to stay

Remote working is a way of life for many colleagues at Seibert Media. Each of us has our own story to tell and this is just a slight peek into the life of some of our remote workers outside of Germany. Fascinated by what you have heard so far? Then why not join the Seibert Media team? Check out our job portal for current English-language vacancies (or, in case you speak German, also check out our other vacancies), or send in your resume. Enjoy the benefits of remote working from flexible working hours to a dynamic and international team. Plus, whether the future of work is hybrid or fully remote - it's here to stay.

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