September Shake-Up: Google Workspace Updates this Month

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From the fading warmth of summer to the crisp breeze of September and the gradual transformation of leaves (in most places) from green to vibrant yellows, reds, and oranges, it's a month synonymous with change and transformation. In this article, we unveil some of Google's latest innovations and updates. We will provide an overview of these exciting features, but for those interested in the nitty-gritty details, our colleague Nick delves into them and explains everything you need to know in the YouTube video at the end of this article. Let's explore what's new!

Accessing New Features in Google Slides

In the September updates, Google expanded its branding and customization features - We can now spend less time designing presentations in Google Slides with presaved templates and more time celebrating consistent company branding.

And there's more! When giving a group presentation in person, putting on speaker notes is a great idea; every team member can read the PPT in front of them - easy right? But what about in a virtual online setting? You might wonder - can notes be shared with co-presenters? Last month we would have answered no to this question, but with this month’s Google update, it's possible! Co-presenters can now view speaker notes during presentations! Clearer and cleaner presentations are guaranteed while presenters no longer have to sweat over the possibility of being note free. This feature is available to use in Google Meet too.

Chatting about updates - what’s new with Google Chat?

If you are a Google Chat Space manager, there are two updates for you!

Ever wonder if people are reading your messages? If a message has gotten lost in the chat? Now, you can see how many times a message has been viewed. 3, 10, 130 - all views are counted and recorded.

On top of that, Google Chat spaces now also allow Space Managers and Members to copy members' email addresses easily.

Even if you are not a Google Chat Space manager, there is a smart update for you - now you can insert smart chips directly into chat spaces. Just type "@" as if you're mentioning another person and the smart chips will appear in the list as well!

Other Google Chat updates include:

Let’s welcome our Google Meet updates

Sometimes you just need add-ons. Luckily, you can now add third-party add-ons to Google Meet: Confluence, Figma, etc., any add-on you may need.

Not only are add-ons new, but so is the ability to turn the Q&A feature in your live streammeetings on or off. Don’t want any questions? Turn off the toggle - it can’t get any simpler.

Google Drive: Security alert, I repeat security alert…

You guessed it - this update is all about improving the security within Google Drive. Now, you are able to lock files directly from the context menu. Only the people who you allow access to your locked content will actually get it.

Tip of the month

Did you know you can add dropdown menus in your Google Doc? Well, you can! In this short tutorial, Nick shows you how.

Keeping up with Google updates

That was a lot of updates! What are you excited to try out? Do you have any questions or are you not clear about some features? Or do you just want to watch the whole video from start to finish? Then check it out below:


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