Navigating the Maze of Confluence: How Navigation Menus Can Help Your Company

Navigating the maze of Confluence: How Navigation Menus can help your company - Navigation Menus banner

Imagine you are in a foreign city, and you are lost. You don't know where to go or what to do. You might feel anxious, confused, and frustrated. Now, imagine the same situation, but this time, you have a map. With a map, you can orient yourself, find your destination, and plan your route. A clear and structured map makes all the difference, and the same applies to Confluence.

As projects and organizations grow in size and complexity, finding the right information becomes more challenging. When users look for information, they have a goal and are on a mission. So having a clear and organized structure is essential for your users to find what they need.

That's where Navigation Menus for Confluence comes into the picture. Navigation Menus provide a consistent look and feel throughout a site, making it easier for users to orient themselves and find what they want. In addition, as a Confluence administrator, you can create customized menus that provide easy access to relevant content, no matter where you are within Confluence.

Navigating the maze of Confluence: How Navigation Menus can help your company - examples of navigation menus app in use

How Navigation Menus can be beneficial

Let's look at some examples of how and why this app can be helpful to your company:

  • Better communication - with Navigation Menus, you can create a clear hierarchy of information that reflects your company's internal communication strategy. This way, you can ensure everyone is on the same page, and that information is easy to find and access.
  • Onboarding for new employees - a clear and elegant menu structure can be a godsend for new staff. It's human nature; new team members may feel awkward constantly asking questions. Throw the pandemic into the mix (home working), and a newbie may not have that friendly face at the desk next to theirs who can help. No one wants to pester their colleagues with queries via email, and waiting for replies can waste precious time. A well-structured menu help gives them a sense of independence, allowing them to confidently navigate the company's Confluence space. This way, new employees can become more productive faster, feel more at ease, and gel with the team more quickly.
  • Knowledge management - It's all too easy in the heat of development to create a dog's dinner of pages with random information strewn everywhere. A structured menu can help your company to grow by imposing document discipline and making knowledge more accessible. With a clear and structured menu, employees and teams can store and find the information they need quickly and easily. 
  • International teams - as the globe shrinks and borders become meaningless, a clear menu structure can help with the different languages used in international projects. In addition, this app can provide structure so that pages in other languages can be adapted to foreign locations. Finally, this app integrates beautifully with Confluence spaces, groups, and categories so admins can customize exactly who sees what and where.
  • Some pages of your confluence instance may need to be made available for specific external clients and customers, and it's essential to offer clear and concise navigation to outsiders trying to access information. Nothing spells the kiss of death in contract negotiations more than misleading and confusing documentation.
  • Flexibility - as companies expand and evolve, and new departments are opened, merged or split into multiple mini-departments, the menu needs to reflect that. Navigation Menus lets you adjust the menu easily to stay up to date with the structure of your company.
  • Compliance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 is essential for any business that wishes to ensure the quality of its services and products. Navigation Menus for Confluence can help. ISO 9001, the quality management standard, and ISO 27001, the information security protocols, assure external customers that your organization is fit to tender for sensitive or confidential project work. In addition, complying with these standards demonstrates better procedures, risk management, and improved customer relations. 
  • Branding - opening up pages to the general public? Why not use Navigation Menus' ability to customize menus to suit your corporate brand?

Atlassian Cloud Fortified - only some apps or macros from third-party suppliers are Cloud Fortified, and Navigation Menus for Confluence is one of them. This means it’s fully secure, so your data remains, quite simply, your data.

Navigating the maze of Confluence: How Navigation Menus can help your company - graphic showing which things you can adjust in the menu

Structure is essential

To sum up, having a clear and organized structure is essential for any Confluence instance. The Navigation Menus app can help your company achieve this goal by providing customized menus that reflect your needs and design. With Navigation Menus, you can ensure that everyone has access to the information they need, no matter where they are or what language they speak.

Want to take your Confluence to the next level? Then, why not take advantage of our free trial, Navigation Menus for Confluence will add another layer of professionalism and polish to your Confluence instance.

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