The 11th Tools4AgileTeams – Review of THE Agile Event of the Year!

I have to admit: We did hold our breath a little when we looked at the numbers after the first day. But one look at them at the final whistle of the entire event confirmed what the feedback from so many people on-site had already suggested:

The 11th Tools4AgileTeams - Review of THE Agile Event of the Year! - numbers of on-site and remote participants, sessions and speakers. There were 240, 1,957, 33 anad 41 respectively.

That's not too shabby! You may have guessed: we're talking about the 11th Tools4AgileTeams, which wasn't only a lot of fun for us and the participants, but was also an all-round succesful event!

The Tools4AgileTeams: Small Beginnings - Big Future

You may remember: When we launched the event in 2011, it was an experiment - intended to clarify the question of whether an event for people working in agile or interested in agile working is needed at all. In 2022, this question can be answered with a definite YES!

Even the last two years, when the Tools4AgileTeams conference could only take place online due to Covid, did not lead to a drop in attendance (rather the opposite). This year, we were even more pleased that we were able to welcome over 200 guests on-site in our brand-new headquarters, that first-class speakers livened up our stage and that our core topic of agility could be discussed in all its facets.

We'd like to extend a huge THANK YOU to our fantastic speakers, our helpers on-site, in front of and behind the scenes, and especially all of the people participating in the T4AT - you make the T4AT the unique event that it is!

Of course, we are particularly pleased with feedback like this: "I come from Berlin and I still put up with every single kilometer because this really is a great event! I am totally grateful to be able to be here once again and have already heard many interesting presentations today. I'm already looking forward to next year!"

"Hybrid" Experiment Succesful

Even though we at Seibert Media have been working hybrid for a long time - organizing an event of the size of the Tools4AgileTeams in a hybrid way was also new for us. Especially since not all of the speakers were on site, some of them held their sessions online.

We had announced in advance that we wanted to try to give online participants as much of an "on-site feeling" as possible. With the Venueless platform that we used this time, we succeeded quite well.
For example, we set up various networking rooms where people could meet to chat ("tea kitchen"), exchange technical information, or engage in small talk.

Many people have confirmed that the hybrid format was a good choice:

Woohoo, kudos //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH family, you guys were great hosting the #t4at in a hybrid format 🎩"
Joseph Assaf

"A great event - the best I have ever seen as a hybrid conference so far! If anyone can pull it off, it's //SEIBERT/MEDIA GmbH!"
Tim Klein

"Thank you so much for the great format."
Joshua Frischhut

"Super format! Could hardly decide between all the tracks! Looking forward to the recordings!"
Jennifer Streidt-Hilgart

Testimonials to the Tools4AgileTeams Conference

In addition to on-site feedback, a number of guests also shared their impressions of the conference on social media. Like Silvia von Stackelberg:

"Thank you, Seibert Media! The organization was super and the food great! A very personal highlight was the supply of the visually and aromatically very appealing Cappuccini on the 2nd floor - strategically located close to the cozy room for the agile ProductManagement track. [...] I went home with many new contacts, quite a few great impressions and a very long reading list."

And because positive messages make us so happy, here's a collection:

The atmosphere was truly great. I want to thank everyone who made it possible. Unbelievable performance."
Florian Beck

"You were great! 🚀”
Anna Wörner

"You guys were awesome. Thanks for a great conference (every year)!"
Alexander Kylburg

"Once again a great event with great people and very good food 😊"
Robert Gies

"Great format the T4AT - which you have been putting on for 11 years, hats off to you for that and thank you so much!!! 🙏"
Damaris Landmesser

"Great encounters and insights so far."
Jürgen Werner

“What a wonderful 1st day at Tools4AgileTeams!! Great Talks, Speaker, Atmosphere! Looking forward for today’s sessions and impressions!”
Antje Schuck

"Thank you to everyone who helped with the Tools4AgileTeams this year. In my eyes, one of the best hybrid conference formats currently available! I had a lot of fun at both of my presentations and look forward to next year!"
Michael Schneppensiefer

"A really great event at a great location!"
Peter Pedross

"It was a very interesting and very well organized T4AT! Great event with a dynamic and agile team.
Well worth it! Thank you."
Marcus Wolff

"I am looking forward to the 2nd day at Tools4AgileTeams.
Yesterday was already very informative and today there are even more contributions that promise interesting input. 😍"
Nadja Pride

“I absolutely love how intimate it is. With a smaller group it kind of feels like we are a group of people coming together and really learn together. What’s nice is with the hybrid experience we might have that intimate environment here, but we can also expand that to 2.500 more people. I love to have that energy of that in-person event.”
Mark Cruth (one of our keynote speakers)

The 11th Tools4AgileTeams - Review of THE Agile Event of the Year! - tweet jurgen appelo saying "Real coffee. Banana cake. And sensible toilet signs. I already love it here at Tools4AgileTeams in Wiesbaden"

The 11th Tools4AgileTeams - Review of THE Agile Event of the Year! - tweet deema dajani saying "enjoying a creative agile environment at t4at in wiesbaden, and Dean's keynote"

An event like Tools4AgileTeams is a bit like Christmas - you're looking forward to it, the time seems to drag on endlessly ... And hardly has the long-awaited day finally arrived then it's already over again. But one thing remains: The fact that it was a great event for both on-site and remote participants!

"Still 600 participants on Friday afternoon at 16:48 at the T4AT: - Thank you @t4at_conference for the organization - I'm coming back next year ... #T4AT
Manuel Marsch via Twitter

To Be Continued!

So it's clear that there will be a new edition next year! So mark your calendar now for 30/11 - 1/12/2023 - because that's when the next Tools4AgileTeams will take place. We don't have a crystal ball either, so we don't yet know exactly whether we will be able to be completely on-site again or not, but in any case we already have a lot of ideas!

If you feel like it, please give us feedback on how you liked T4AT 2022. Which sessions did you attend, what did you like most, what can we do better? We would be happy if you share your opinion with us!

Many Presentations of the T4AT 2022 Online

Until then, feel free to reminisce: In the course of the week we will upload almost all sessions here:

T4AT Playlist

Enjoy and stay tuned - for news about T4AT!

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