Why Outsourcing First-level Support Can Make Everyone Happy in the End

"Could you help me for just a second?" Many users in your company would like their colleagues from the IT Support department to answer this question with a jolly "of course!", but the reality is generally different. Depending on the size of your company, you may not have a dedicated support level with correspondingly assigned employees, but rather just ONE IT department where all support requests come in. And this regardless of whether it is a problem such as "My PC no longer turns on", "I no longer have permissions in Confluence" or "Help, the database is no longer accessible". The result: almost chronic overload in the IT team and, in the worst case, really important things are left undone for longer than you would like. Not to mention the fact that colleagues may not be able to work properly or at all due to technical problems, which affects both motivation and productivity.

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Where to go with user support?

Which options do you have to escape this dilemma?

Option 1: Close your eyes and keep going (the bad option). You do nothing and hope that the problem goes away by itself. Or that it is solved with the (planned) new CMS or other technologies.

Option 2: Hire more people. But let's be honest: it's always been difficult to get IT experts, and that hasn't changed. Today it is not easier, rather even more difficult, since countless companies are vying for capable employees. In addition, you need the appropriate budget and colleagues who have time to train the reinforcements.

Option 3: Find external support. You decide that your IT experts should use their skills for important projects or strategic initiatives instead of solving user problems. This means you start looking for a service provider that offers good first-level support - and if possible, knows a thing or two about Atlassian systems.

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Which advantages are there to outsourcing first-level support?

Outsourcing can sometimes have a negative connotation, because there are companies that move mail processing abroad or to another location because it is cheaper. But, in the case of first-level support, there's generally no reason to think negatively when it comes to  outsourcing it. Outsourcing first-level support is always a good idea when you don't have enough resources and capacity, or you don't have the necessary knowledge, which may first take time to gather (which is often difficult, especially when learning new systems). Plus, imagine if your company is operating more and more abroad and working in multinational teams - this is exactly where first-level support by Seibert Media comes in!

Tailored first-level support for your Atlassian systems

We are an official Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner, and therefore know the Atlassian ecosystem inside out. Our first-level support can help your users and IT team in several ways:

  • As a partner, we have short communication lines to Atlassian, we're always immediately informed when products or features are updated and in most cases, we can find a quick solution thanks to our many years of experience.
  • If your IT experts provide 2nd and 3rd level support they would no longer have to deal with simple but frequently asked questions - and the users are also more satisfied, since they would receive individual support and feel that their concerns are better understood.
  • We offer support in German as well as in English and are therefore also suitable as contact persons for teams that are made up of people from different countries.
  • Our support team knows our customers and their product instances, which means we can respond to your (or your users') problems individually.
  • You don't need to "block" IT staff for support or have them trained specifically for Atlassian products - saving time, capacity and costs.
  • Our support colleagues have all the necessary certifications, we have standardized processes and fixed response and availability times, so you can always rely on us.
  • For technical issues beyond first level, we can direct your users to expert second level support.
  • Last but not least, you can connect our support to your ticket system if you wish (bookable option) - this way there is neither additional effort nor a break in communication for your users.


You see: In the end, everyone is happy - your IT and your users. And that certainly has a positive effect on your working atmosphere! We offer Small to Large support packages, depending on your support scope and the amount of your product instances.

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We have summarized all the information here. If you now think that this could be a solution for your company, then book an appointment right away! By the way: If you send us your request by November 15th, you will receive a 15% discount on your package for the first six months and a 10% discount for the following three months if you want to keep our support. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now:


We look forward to your inquiry!

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