Together once again – join us at the Global SAFe® Summit 2022!

Come Together in Real Life – See You at the Global SAFe® Summit!

As the world attempts to return to “business as usual” regarding everything from travel, to concerts, events, and everything in between, we are very much looking forward to this year’s Global SAFe® Summit. This year the event will be taking place in Denver, Colorado, from August 22-25.

Developing and maintaining a “team-centric environment” is at the core of SAFe®. Communication and a high level of transparency throughout the organization encourages collaborative efforts which drive productivity, drives down time-to-market, and helps ensure a quality solution. SAFe® uses well-documented, specific, and repeatable processes. Agile and lean practices ensure all teams are focused on a common set of goals. Every individual understands what the deliverables are to be and as a result, the client has a clear set of expectations to be returned.

We would love to have you join us and hundreds of other eager attendees for the 2022 Global SAFe® Summit. Regardless of your level of experience, this is an incredible opportunity to learn firsthand from the premiere SAFe® experts. There will be a plethora of resources, training, and partners to help you start the process and pull it all together. See how organizations are using the SAFe® framework successfully and find out what lies ahead.

Global SAFe Summit in Denver with Agile Hive – schedule for all days

Here’s a summary and a quick look at what’s in store!

Leading the Change

To meet the demands of an ever-shifting, disruptive world, businesses must work differently and embrace enterprise-wide, large-scale change.
Topics might include, among others:

  • Executive Participation and Sponsorship
  • AI, Big Data, Cloud
  • Coaching and Facilitation
  • Change Management

Enhancing Portfolio Performance

SAFe® portfolios align strategy to execution and ensure funding, organization, and work continually align to the portfolio vision. SAFe® portfolios provide a customer-centric approach and are key to connecting strategy to execution.
Topics might include, among others:

  • Lean Portfolio Management
  • Enterprise Solution Delivery
  • Agile Product Delivery

Achieving Continuous Flow

To win in the digital age, enterprises must be able to sense and respond to market opportunities and threats in real time. This requires agility throughout all functions, teams, technologies, and suppliers in a value stream.
Topics might include, among others:

  • Value Stream Management (VSM)
  • Organizing Around Value (OAV)#
  • Value Stream Identification

Improving Enterprise Outcomes

At the heart of every SAFe® transformation is the desire to consistently and predictably deliver the best possible product or service to the customer. This translates into profitability for the business and helps to ensure its ability to navigate a fast-changing marketplace.
Topics might include, among others:

  • Organizational Agility
  • Measure and Grow
  • Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Working Differently: Learning and Collaboration in the Modern World

For as long as we can remember, face-to-face communication was the most effective and efficient way to work; it’s one of Agile’s foundational assumptions. We experienced this in the form of co-located workspaces, big room group planning, classroom training, and the like. That all changed in the spring of 2020 when the world was challenged to rethink everything about the work experience.
Topics might include, among others:

  • Virtual classroom, asynchronous global training, modularity, eLearning, blended learning
  • Partner story how the new world is better/more effective than the old world
  • Customer story how virtualizing learning accelerated team/train formation and execution

Agile Hive at the Global SAFe® Summit 2022

An event of this scale and magnitude is dependent on sponsors, and we are very proud to be among them with Agile Hive – SAFe® in Jira.

And we have much more in store for you: Do you want to learn firsthand how Vodafone managed their SAFe® Transformation with Agile Hive? Ingo Schneider and Silke Eggert from Vodafone are with us to show you. Visit the Track “Working Differently, Learning and Collaboration in the Modern World” and don’t miss our customer story! Of course, if you want to talk about methodologies - we got you covered: Meet Kurt Jäger as well as other colleagues from KEGON at our booth and don’t hesitate to ask them everything you always wanted to ask about SAFe® transformation.

As in years past, there will be a Partner Marketplace, where attendees can view demos, request appointments, or simply stop by and chat with us. Let’s get in touch at our booth!

Get your tickets for the 2022 Global SAFe® Summit here!


SAFe® with Atlassian Tools: Get to know Agile Hive!

Would you like to know more about Agile Hive and the software-supported implementation of SAFe®? We would be happy to discuss your requirements for enterprise-wide agile product development and product management with you. Take a look at our Implementation Project documentation to see an overview of what an implementation would entail.

Get in touch with us today and let us demonstrate how it works in a personal session.


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