How the Linchpin Intranet Helped dfv Mediengruppe Through the Pandemic

One way or another, Corona has hit every company and forced them to react quickly in order to remain operational and competitive: Suddenly everything was different! This was also the case for the dfv Mediengruppe based in Frankfurt.

Our client used this uncertain initial phase of the pandemic to tackle and push forward a Linchpin intranet project, which had been simmering on a low flame for some time. In their presentation at last year's Tools4AgileTeams conference, Verena Wagenpfeil and Michael Paulus from dfv presented this project with its effects and results.

A modern intranet to support work and competitiveness

In their session, Verena and Michael reviewed their project of introducing a Linchpin intranet and reflected on where and how Linchpin, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, helped during the difficult Corona period. For them,  many familiar processes no longer functioned as usual overnight: communication, information exchange, work organization, and synchronous cooperation.

Now it was a question of maintaining communication and cooperation, ensuring the exchange of information, organizing work, and also developing new business concepts and learning together, even under the dramatically changed conditions.

How has Linchpin helped to overcome new challenges that have arisen and, among other things...

  • ... ensure the company's ability to work,
  • ... equip more than 300 employees with mobile devices,
  • ... establish a continuous flow of information,
  • ... Get rid of the phone being the central means of communication?

And where has Linchpin helped to even improve processes - whether through centrally controlled measures on the part of the management, IT and/or the intranet team or also through innovative individual solutions that emerged from the teams? How could the intranet subsequently help to adapt to the new conditions on the market and also to work in a value-creating way during the pandemic?

Verena and Michael addressed these and other questions in their interesting T4AT talk and showed a few inspiring use cases for a modern intranet. Here is the recording (English subtitles are available):


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More examples and success stories at Tools4AgileTeams 2021

At this year's Tools4AgileTeams there were again numerous tips, experiences and stories on the profitable use of modern collaboration software in companies. But that's not all, of course: there were a total of eight thematic session tracks to cover a wide range of interests. The conference took place remotely on 2 and 3 December. Videos of the presentations can be found on our YouTube channel.

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