Linchpin at events: Diamond booth co-sponsor at Summit 2019 with Cprime

Atlassian Summit 2019 in Las Vegas is fading in our memories as preparations for next year's Summit have already started. We want to use this opportunity to thank our Linchpin partner Cprime for hosting Linchpin as part of their diamond sponsor booth during this year's Summit!

As Linchpin is an intranet solution based on Confluence that is primarily sold via Atlassian partners, working closely with these partners is one our top priorities. We are very grateful to Cprime for being such a wonderful host this year!

Linchpin is a partner business

We are committed to the contributing to the success of Atlassian partners with our Linchpin and Agile Hive solutions for Confluence and Jira. And we enjoy spending time with our partners at events. This is why we love to be included as part of your booths and will devote our resources to your success during such events. Over the past few years we have participated in or contributed to the design of event booths with Clearvision, Isos Tech, Communardo and Deiser. This year, we were proud to be part of Cprime‘s booth at Summit.

We coordinated the design with Cprime's design team and were thrilled with how it meshed together! In the Expo Hall, there was a tiny room to meet with customers and partners - anyone who wanted a bit more privacy to answer their questions - as well as a few standing tables for demonstrations, a couple of mounted monitors and a comfortable seating area for deeper discussions.

Apart from contributing to the design of the booth, several of our Linchpin experts staffed the booth to answer questions and give demonstrations. A huge thank you again to Zubin, Dan and the entire Cprime team for including us as part of their booth at Summit this year.

Would you like to include us at your event?

We want to help you succeed with Linchpin and Agile Hive! If you would like us to be present or contribute to your booths at the conferences and trade shows that you attend, please reach out to us. Let us know what you are interested in, what the conference requirements are and how we can help.

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