Corporate Design: Your own intranet app based on Linchpin Mobile

Your intranet app should match your corporate branding

Many companies rely on their finely tuned corporate design to present a consistent image both internally and externally, to strengthen identification with the company and the brand, and to express the company's values and professionalism.

Of course, modern intranets such as our Confluence-based Linchpin suite, can be customized to reflect the corporate design: With the Linchpin Theme Plugin, you can change almost the entire appearance of your Confluence instances and adapt it to your own requirements. Until now, you could only customize how Confluence and Linchpin appeared in the browser; native mobile apps usually do not allow customized interfaces. Custom apps and extensive reprogramming (and thus high costs) are often needed to modify the standard software solutions. This expenditure is often out of the question - especially for small and medium-sized companies.

Employees can take your brand with them on their smartphone

This is where Linchpin Mobile shines, and we have taken the next step: We now offer custom branding and theming for our native mobile app in the Linchpin suite. The feature will be officially available in a few days, but let's take a look at what will be possible when the new version of Linchpin Mobile hits the Marketplace.

It all starts with the name of your intranet and mobile app

Does your intranet have a specific name? Yes? This is good, because a good name lets users feel more strongly about the tool, and it becomes more readily recognized within the company. Not yet? Then your first job is to choose one!

Once you have named your intranet, you can customize your intranet mobile app: Make it easy for your employees to find and identify with your intranet and its mobile app. You have all the freedom you need to design the app icon: Simply submit an image file, formatted appropriately, and we will integrate it into your company's custom app. Employees will see the name of your mobile app on their devices and in the app stores, should you choose to list the app there.

Customize your intranet mobile app to be easily recognizable

The Linchpin Mobile app (left) and the customized //SEIBERT/MEDIA mobile app (right)
Both apps share the same code and have the same features. The //SEIBERT/MEDIA Linchpin Mobile app has been customized to match our corporate branding, as you can see here with its app icon and name as shown on an iPhone's home screen.

Help employees through their first steps with the mobile app

Linchpin Mobile offers users a practical step-by-step wizard for setting up the first connection between their smartphone and the company's intranet. Once it has been set up, there's nothing to stand in the way of it being used!

The wizard was deliberately kept very generic and sterile. But in the coming releases, you can add your own images and instructions to customize this step-by-step wizard. By using your corporate design to create a familiar and supportive environment, you'll encourage employee engagement with your intranet - they will be happier to use your custom mobile app!

Life is not worth living without color: Customize the interface!

Onboarding, especially for new tools, is important. But users of an intranet app will complete this initial setup once. The actual user experience will happen where the content lives: When reading news articles, or writing a microblog post, or even just browsing through Confluence spaces. When your custom Linchpin Mobile app matches your corporate design, it fits within the corporate tool set. Specify primary and secondary colors to brand the content clearly. You will be able to add custom icons and visual highlights to more closely match your corporate design.

 The standard Linchpin mobile app - this can be customized to match your corporate design       The //SEIBERT/MEDIA branded version of the Linchpin Mobile app lets employees identify more with their intranet

The Linchpin Mobile app (left) and the customized //SEIBERT/MEDIA mobile app (right)
Users see this welcome screen when they start their app. Each app has its own custom background and logo. We've changed the primary color and the welcome text. You can also see that in the //SEIBERT/MEDIA app, you can't log into the demonstration Linchpin instance.

Reach every employee - including those without workstations

Let all employees benefit immediately from your company's new intranet app - we can make it available in the official app stores for iOS and Android. Your mobile app is then readily available to employees and can be used with a BYOD strategy (Bring Your Own Device). If you would prefer to distribute the mobile app from an internal app store, a mobile device management system or directly to a group of devices, that's not a problem - we'll provide you with the files you need to deploy via your preferred channel.

Learn more about creating a custom mobile app using Linchpin Mobile

This app branding feature is planned for release towards the end of April 2018. Read more about your options and the requirements for creating your custom Linchpin Mobile app to match your corporate branding: We've detailed the design options. compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers, and included full pricing details to purchase your custom mobile app and explained how to receive regular development updates. Fill out this form if you are ready to order your custom mobile app! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us by email, or use the integrated chat on this page in the bottom right corner.

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