Tools4AgileTeams 2017 Conference: Call for Sessions – Submit Yours Now!

Tools4AgileTeams 2016 KeynoteThe 6th instalment of our Tools4AgileTeams conference is already looming on the horizon. It is on 30 November and 1 December, in Wiesbaden as usual. We return to the rooms of the IHK Wiesbaden, after having a good experience with them last year.

We've also decided on the overarching theme for this year's conference:

Agile Goliath - is this possible?

Can we transform cumbersome giants into agile organizations and achieve real agility on an enterprise scale? Or should we stick to Don't - the first rule of scaling agile?

Agile is no longer a topic that only a small and tight-knit community advocates, but it is now an industry standard in software development. Almost all organizations are currently dealing with agile scaling in some form or another.

In this community, scaling is now a highly controversial topic, just like paper versus digital was. With the sixth Tools4AgileTeams conference, we want to make a contribution to the discussion and ask whether and how well we can help agilists with our methods to actually convert entire companies or even large groups into agile, flexible, complexity-robust organizations.  However, optimization of collaborative efforts and team processes are not to be glossed over and ignored, by any means.

Call for Sessions

Speakers interested in presenting can now propose their topics for the day of the Tools4AgileTeams presentations (1 December). There is no specific format, and we encourage our speakers to deliver their content in the way they would prefer: classical presentation, interactive session, mini-workshop, PechaKucha presenation, agile game - much is possible, and we are open to proposals in alternative formats.

The Call for Sessions is open until 31 July, and then our technical advisory board, as quickly as possible, will review and classify the submissions and provide their feedback. Please register your interest in presenting by submitting the form below:

[wufoo username="seibertmedia" formhash="q1y6vg9s1jvj4h0" autoresize="true" height="1033" header="show" ssl="true"]

We are very excited to see what topics you propose, and hope that the conference will provide valuable ideas, practical insights into processes, frameworks and tools, and exciting, instructive stories of both success and failure!

Our Tools4AgileTeams website (currently in German, English forthcoming) contains all the relevant information, including sponsoring options for those who would like to support the conference and present themselves at the T4AT. 🙂

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Further information

The Tools4AgileTeams conference website (in German)
Feedback from people who attended T4AT 2016 (in German)
Videos of the presentations from Tools4AgileTeams 2016

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