36 use cases for an enterprise microblog (25 – 36)

The digital form of the talk in the hallway, where employees exchange information, news, ideas and project details and receive feedback and input, are a benefit for enterprises. But what are specific use cases for an enterprise microblog? We have collected 36 use cases. After use cases 1 to 12, and 13 to 24, the remaining dozen use cases are collected here.

25. Benefit from the experience of others in specific problems during daily business

The solution and discussion of specific problems that would require direct exchange with colleagues in daily business, can effectively and easily be moved to the microblog. Especially developers benefit  from the quick exchange. The answer to "The big question: product detail view PDF - how to create it? OpenOffice (Java on server is very old and limited space)? Perl (very limited PDF options)? Ruby (new language on the server)? LaTex (hard to tame, old)?" will be found quickly.

26. "Coffee machine broken" and other news

A committed service employee might be quick in sending messages like this one via email to all colleagues, while this type of message is a rather typical microblog post. This use case also reduces email stress.

27. Nonavailability of internal systems

An email from the IT department, that the PM system will be offline for a moment, may not be relevant and thus annoying to most employees. This kind of information should be in the microblog (and possibly even in a specific group), where affected employees can immediately notice it without bothering other employees.

28. Announce and report employee fluctuation

An employee is leaving the business? A new colleague is starting? The microblog is the ideal communication channel, to inform employees about fluctuations in personnel. Additionally, new employees can present themselves in writing and with images (mature microblogging software such as Status.net or Communote allow the attachment of images and documents).

29. Internally communicate and celebrate success of the business

Successes should be celebrated and shared with colleagues. A microblog posting is the better solution compared to email, since the amount of emails is reduced and the feedback of employees is central and transparent. The same applies to bad news: Especially in challenging times, a quick feedback from everyone can be helpful.

30. Make use of expert search

Who can help with a specific problem? If there is no special expert database in the wiki, a question in the microblog might be the most effective method, to find the right contact - with the least amount of work for everyone involved.

31. Meet new employees in the business

Especially in bigger corporations, where you don't meet everyone every day, a microblog offers the opportunity to create more transparency and to get to know other colleagues and their abilities and strengths. The chat-like, informal exchange supports this approach.

32. Fun

In addition to being a relevant host of information and discussions, the microblog can be a lot of fun. Links to silly web content, stories from an email communication and daily business and so on are part of the fun group in the microblog - a use case that entertains.

33. Search for earlier discussions about interesting topics

The internal microblog is searchable by members, groups, but also by specific topics. No information gets lost and it is easy to continue former discussions, if necessary.

34. Quickly get involved in new projects and understand project history

Project discussions in the microblog have the advantage, that they can always be traced. It is easier for new team members, to get involved in a new project and to understand the project history, since all relevant content is part of the specific groups and is tagged.

35. Integration of clients via external microblogging rooms

Professional microblogging tools offer the opportunity to involve the customer and partners in the discussions via closed groups. The microblog can thus serve as a small extranet.

36. Status updates on personal availability

It is important for colleagues to know, if relevant contact persons are on site or not. The microblog post of a department manager "I will be with customer XY for a workshop all day and will be available by phone after 5 pm" may be relevant to both colleagues in the same department, team members in a project team, but also service team members, who can give specific details about availability on the phone.

Do you have questions about microblogging in enterprises? Are you interested in introducing an enterprise microblog? We are experts in enterprise communication and are happy to advise you about suitable microblogging software, necessary and possible adjustments, as well as organizational aspects of a launch. Just contact us without compromise.

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