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We want to create a work environment that promotes collaboration within teams to maximize results. In order to make this happen, we support our customers with suitable and collaborative software solutions. We believe that our actions must be guided by the principles of openness, trust and self-determination.

“Seibert Media is about software-driven, team collaboration. That’s what we stand for, what we are best at and what we want to offer our customers.”

Martin Seibert (Chief Troublemaker)

Win together, lose together

Flat hierarchies and a high degree of personal responsibility are not just empty words, but are a part of our everyday lives. Not only do our  new employees experience this from the get-go, but also everyone who works with us or visits our office.

“Each team handles everything for themselves, so we do not have to report to a boss. We instead have to ask ourselves: Is the task that I am currently doing the right one or the best solution? Or is there perhaps an alternative? This mindset is great because we’re challenged and not just worker bees. “

Torsten Groß (Developer, Team Marketing)

“Everyone trusts each other to always give their best and make good decisions. This is something that is integrated into the fabric of the company. 

Angela Gaida (Product Owner on Team Hyperfly)

“At Seibert Media, there are no hierarchies. There are only Martin and I as formal managers but otherwise there are self-organized teams. In other words, there is no disciplinary supervisor. This means we have to think a little bit differently about decision-making. “

Joachim Seibert (CEO & Agile Coach)

Sharing knowledge

We are very vocal – not only with people outside our organization, but also within. Sharing progress and success, but above all, making mistakes and failures transparent, allows us to share this knowledge with others to improve our products and our communication.

“We believe that not only our shareholders or managers can make the best decisions, but our experts within teams can make them as well. In order to make meaningful decisions, we provide all the necessary information. This can include anything from disclosing business figures, to sharing our knowledge within our corporate wiki. “

Kai Rödiger (Agile Coach)

We love change

“Change is a very important corporate value for us.  From changing the design of our conference rooms to the switching of team members to other teams, etc.  You can see how change is valued in all locations of Seibert Media in Wiesbaden.

Frequently, our teams and tasks change depending on the current customer or product. It is always exciting to experience the perspectives, opinions, wishes and ideas of colleagues and customers.”

Torsten Groß (Developer, Team Marketing)

“If you want something to really change, we have to take the initiative and talk directly to the people. There are no taboos here – everything can be addressed, changed and improved!”

Joachim Seibert (Managing Director and Agile Coach)

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