“I 🧡draw.io” #1: Clever Flowcharts and Process diagrams in Confluence

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Do you know draw.io, the diagramming tool for Confluence and Jira? It is one of the most frequently installed and top-rated apps on the Atlassian Marketplace and - like any great software - has a real "fan community". In our "I 🧡 draw.io" series, users report why they love draw.io and which features they particularly appreciate. We will take a closer look at some of these features.

If you are interested in real insider tips from those who have used it to get some inspiration, then we recommend following draw.io on social media - there you will often find helpful tips and tricks!

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Is everything flowing smoothly? How diagrams can help!

To kick off our series of articles, we look at flow and process diagrams. Imagine a complex project, like building a new motorway bridge. A lot of people are involved, it requires a lot of communication, material, and coordination. If something goes wrong somewhere, it almost always has an impact on the whole project.

That's why, in the end, it is always a good idea to have accompanying visualizations for projects. They make potential bottlenecks or risks visible and make it possible to develop alternative routes in advance for all conceivable changes to a plan. No wonder, then, that many teams use the tool in conjunction with Confluence to create process or flow diagrams as part of their projects. One of our users, Vishnu Anilkumar, wrote in his review:

"Flowcharts, maps, quick mock-ups; draw.io does it all. I love it! Thank you to the draw.io team for providing such a tool."

Of course we're happy to do so! To help you and your team create better process diagrams - whether you're into bridge building, software development or any other applicable area - you'll find some of our best tips for doing so in this and the other articles in this series. Alternatively, you can get started right away and try our app - go to draw.io on the Atlassian Marketplace here!

Flowcharts and process diagrams in Confluence

As our friend Vishnu knows, the flowchart is one of the most important elements of any development process or project. It clearly defines the start and end points of a project. From HR processes to crisis management diagrams, teams need to create all kinds of flowcharts. They are a fundamental element of visual communication.

draw.io recognises the importance of flowcharts. That's why we've designed the flowchart object library for the most popular use cases. And here are a few essential aspects you should consider to build really good flowcharts:

#1: Design the diagram with the flow in mind

Not all team members are as deeply involved in a project as you are. Therefore, think especially about those who are not familiar with the topic and outline a clear and concise decision path that others can easily follow. To stay with the bridge example: site management must also be able to understand when and which supplier will deliver equipment and even then which equipment would be delivered on-site.

I love draw.io part 1 - Clever Flowcharts and Process diagrams in Confluence - Designing a process - this is how it works in draw io

#2: Go for consistency

Yes, when you have a lot of tools at your disposal, you are tempted to use everything at least once (in the past, for instance, with animated presentations, you might have been confronted with presentations where every slide had some kind of animation). But our advice is to  develop a style and stick with it: whether colors, type of use case, connecting lines, spacing, etc. Diagrams in which everything is mixed never look good. Even worse: they can distract from the actual topic (see picture on the right).

I love draw.io part 1 - Clever Flowcharts and Process diagrams in Confluence - On the left a consistent flowchart in draw io, on the right a chaotic looking diagram

#3: Think logically

Every process or task usually has a defined sequence of clearly marked decisions and events. So when building a bridge, the first thing to do is to demolish the old bridge, remove the debris, prepare the construction site, etc. A good diagram will reflect this - in a logical and clearly recognizable way.

I love draw.io part 1 - Clever Flowcharts and Process diagrams in Confluence - On the left you see a flowchart with a stringent, logical flow representation, on the right it is not recognizable what happens when due to crossing lines

Tell us what you use draw.io for!

What about you - what has your team used our app for? Do you work with flowcharts or other diagrams that help you in your daily work? We would love to hear from you! Feel free to contact us via social media, because the more use cases we know, the better we can tailor future features of draw.io to them. If you want to know even more about draw.io, we recommend you take a look at the product website.

We are continuously developing draw.io

Every single function in draw.io is carefully thought out. It is more than just software. It's a tool designed to help real people collaborate in real-world scenarios. Our job is to make your work easier; that's what draw.io is.

Tutorials and other tips are also available in the form of videos on our YouTube channel. You can also find interactive tutorials and step-by-step guides in our one-stop tutorial library.

Want to go deeper? Then simply book a free, no-obligation demo and find out how draw.io can make your everyday work easier and more productive - not just yours, but that of your entire team.

And now: Happy diagramming!

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