5 Core business benefits of Google Workspace

Now, more than ever, when so many of us are working from home (or a tropical island), an easy-to-use business productivity tool is vital for keeping everybody on the same page. One of the most popular of these tools is Google Workspace (formerly known as G Suite). But what are the actual benefits of Google Workspace for your business? Read on to learn more...

For most businesses these days, work has sprawled beyond the confines of a traditional office. Workers can now work from virtually anywhere, and working from home or your favorite cafe seems to be commonplace.  A generation of workers molded by innovation and raised on rapidly advancing technology need an appropriate set of tools to ensure that they implement ideas and business objectives as effectively as possible. 

Whether your workforce is at the office or working from Ibiza, they must maintain communication and peak productivity. The need for a more synchronized remote workforce has given rise to a wide variety of tools and software solutions that aid in coordination, increase productivity, and enhance business collaboration.

What is Google Workspace?

In 2006, Google Workspace (previously G Suite) encompassed various tools and software to increase business productivity through enhanced teamwork and management. Much like Google Apps for Your Domain, Google Workspace emerged as an ideal solution for cloud computing, productivity, and teamwork.

Even before the pandemic, Google Workspace provided innovative solutions for almost every aspect of business management. In a nutshell, Google Workspace is a balanced diet for businesses. It contains all the recommended daily requirements for businesses of all sizes.

Brief Overview of Google Workspace Features

Google Workspace offers a lot, and it would be impossible to cover it all in one blog. However, before we talk about the core business benefits, it makes sense to paint a high-level picture of the main features of Google Workspace.

Your favorite apps, all in one place

Sheets? Gmail? Meet? Check.
Slides? Forms? Docs? Calendar? Check check check check.

The tools we are all mostly familiar with are now yours, in one place. Need to draft a new requirements document? Use Google Docs. Need to gather feedback from your customers? Use Google Forms. Need to schedule your next team meeting? Create the event in Google Calendar, send the invite via Gmail, and host the meeting with Google Meet. Yes, it’s that easy.

On top of this, don’t worry about storage. Google has it covered. The Google Workspace Business Starter edition offers 30GB of storage space per user, shared across Drive and Gmail. Business Standard offers 2TB, and Business Plus provides 5TB of space per user. Enterprise editions offer unlimited storage. 

More secure than ever

Another essential consideration to any business’s investment in work applications is security. Where is my data, and is it safe? How can we keep it out of reach from malicious attacks? Once again, Google Workspace has you covered.

Many businesses have adopted BYOD (bring your own devices) to allow workers to use their favorite tools at work. Whether your business uses BYOD or allows staff to borrow company devices, one principal concern that you must address is company data security. 

Google Workspace offers an endpoint management feature that secures company data using screen locks and a strong password. This feature allows you to erase confidential data with a device wipe. If a user’s device is lost or stolen, business owners can remove any data related to the user’s account from their device. Selective wiping an account for Android and iOS gives organizations an extra layer of security.

Blocking features are also allowed for specific Windows, Chrome OS, Linux, and Mac OS sessions. This feature is on by default and doesn't require installing software on users' Android or iOS devices. 

Core Benefits of Google Workspace

Familiar and easy to use

Amit Singh, the former president of Google for Work, said that as of 2014, "60% of the Fortune 500" companies were paying for Google Workspace services. He went on to say that "more than 1,800 customers" were signing up each week. This statistic should not come as a surprise because, in addition to providing business solutions and insights, Google Workspace is highly user-friendly. 

Google Workspace apps are familiar, and the user interface doesn’t require any extreme tech knowledge or extensive onboarding. Business owners who are new to online collaboration have adopted Google Workspace to allow their workers to “dip their toes in” before a complete digital transformation. Also, due to its responsiveness and ease of access, Google Workspace is simple to use on any device and from virtually any location. Need to edit a document on your way to a meeting? It’s possible with the Google Docs app. Need to reschedule that meeting? No problem when you use the Google Calendar app. Most applications are available for iOS and Android.

99.9% uptime for your business

Since businesses need to be available and accessible around the clock, Google Workspace is the perfect solution. Gmail, for instance, has achieved over 99.9% uptime thanks to its lack of any scheduled or routine maintenance record. This means that businesses can rely on Google Workspace to be available all year round.

Think about this like keeping your business open. If your email server is down for maintenance, you can’t respond to customers. If your website is down, new customers may lose interest in your company and switch to a competitor. With Google Workspace uptime, you don’t have to worry about either of these situations.

Reliable security for your data

As a cloud-based suite, Google Workspace is not as exposed as other similar office solutions because its security measures consist of more than just passwords. 

With its 2-step authentication, Oauth whitelisting, and early phishing detection, Google Workspace offers more than security. The Google Security Centre provides you with a security board and security health check feature to monitor who shares what data and how they share it.

In addition to this and the security features mentioned above, administrators in Google Workspace can leverage Work Insights to drive the tool’s adoption. They also have access to Google Vault, which allows you to determine what content stays and for how long it lasts before being deleted from user accounts. It’s an archiving tool that allows easy search functionality and data export within the organization over time.  

Unbeatable price-performance ratio

This one is pretty self-explanatory. For a productivity solution that offers so many unparalleled benefits, Google Workspace’s performance is unbeatable for the price. Google Workspace pricing starts as low as $6 per user per month for Business Starter, $12 per user per month for Business Standard, and $18 per user per month for Business Plus. 

The Business package includes Gmail Business email, Meet, Chat, Calendar, Drive cloud storage (2TB per user for Business Standard, 5TB for Business Plus), Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, Keep, Currents, Apps Script, and Cloud Search.

You also get 24/7 standard support, security, management, Vault retain (Business Plus), and Endpoint Management.

Improved teamwork and efficiency

The sole purpose of Google Workspace is to improve teamwork and efficiency. All apps and features are designed to amplify productivity with AI and machine learning. You can access files faster and more efficiently, overcome geographical barriers, and collaborate in real-time to improve workplace productivity. 

Collaboration is the key, and google Workspace Insights help you track that collaboration. When working with a team, it’s crucial to monitor both performance and progress. Diving into your organization's Google Workspace usage metrics can point out success factors as well as problem areas. Informational tools like collaboration charts, work pattern charts, and adoption charts give an overall idea of how team members interact with Google Workspace to achieve productivity and increase output. 

Overall, as a business owner, you can save cost, time, space, and energy with Google Workspace. It’s an all-in-one solution for document collaboration, storage, and business growth and management. Since most employees are already familiar with many of the apps, it makes good economic sense to start with Google Workspace.

Your partner for the Google Workspace and Google Cloud solutions

Are you interested in modern collaboration in your company using Google software as an alternative to MS Office?  Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to find out more: We are an official Google Cloud Partner and would be happy to give you no-strings advice on the implementation, licensing, and productive use of Google Workspace!

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