Let’s Make a Run For It! – Seibert Media’s Virtual Charity Run 2022

Breathing in the fresh crisp early summer air, eighteen employees from Seibert Media ran (walked, waddled, crawled, jumped… whatever they preferred) on the  26.05 - 29.05 weekend in May 2022 covering over 150 Km and raising 300 euros for the company’s annual virtual charity run event. This is the 3rd of its kind by the company! In the past, starting in 2015, the company partnered with the Charity Walk & Run in Wiesbaden. But due to the event being canceled in 2020 and over these past few years with Covid-19, we decided to organize our own charity events. 

It doesn’t matter who, when, or where you are! Some employees exercise with fellow colleagues, others prefer to go alone, and a few walk with their pets and family making it the perfect summer outing. We saw employees moving 30 minutes up to 4 hours, or participants going 1 km to beyond 20km. We  can find people tracking their way through Wiesbaden, Mainz, Frankfurt, their local parks, or in a neighboring forest. What matters is the effort! Not all of us are born runners, myself included 🙂 

Seibert media virtual charity run 2022
Seibert media virtual charity run 2022

For each participant, Seibert Media donated 15 euros. From our first to this most recent virtual run, all the proceeds go to the Bärenstift Foundation, a hospice in Wiesbaden which cares for terminally ill children and adolescents. In 2020 and 2021, we raised 500 and 750 euros. The Bärenstift Foundation was one of three charities including the Zwerg Nase-Stiftung and the Humanity First Deutschland e. V. that we donated to when we did the Charity Walk & Run. Moreover, we want to give back to the Wiesbaden community; after all, it is where Seibert Media's roots are. We asked our employees - why did you participate in the virtual run? 

Seibert media virtual charity run 2022 participants

“It was very exciting to participate in the charity run last year, there was no way I was going to pass up doing it again this year! A worthy cause is more than enough to get me moving on my feet! Plus, there is no pressure even if you aren't a great runner (like myself).  You can be a professional runner or a complete newbie. Being able to help others and being a part of a company that wants to make a difference is something that I am very proud of and I look forward to next year's charity run too!” - 
- Olivia

“I participated because I'm always up for helping others in need. It was also a way to motivate myself to start running again, since I haven't been getting much exercise working from home over the past year or so.”
- Elmer

“Personally, I started my first virtual run last year in the midst of quarantine and the pandemic. This gave me the opportunity to just be outside and away from my home that I needed and wanted a break from. Plus, giving to a charity is something I am always up for! I did the run with other colleagues and was also highly motivated to do it because of them. I did it again this year in 2022, but this won’t be my last!!” 
- Kira

“I like to be part of the Virtual Run of Seibert Media, to support our fundraiser. Together with co-workers it is double the fun."
- Torsten

Each year, we ask participants to record a video or take some pictures of themselves or the route they took during the event. Taking all this media, we have created a few videos to commemorate the occasions. Hopefully watching this motivates everyone to get out, move and participate! Check out our virtual run videos from 2020 and 2021

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