A Look Back on Women’s Power – Women in Tech Night 2022

A month ago was an important day: on May 19th, we rocked the first edition of Women in Tech Night! The spotlight was entirely on women in the IT industry. Our goal was to provide a stage for women working in technical professions. It was definitely a success!

Reason enough to review this unique event, so join us in looking back on an evening full of strong women!

The location

The event was a premiere in many respects: It was our very first attempt to offer an event specifically for women - and at the same time it was also the first event to take place at our new headquarters. Our conclusion: A double premiere really couldn't have gone any better!

The construction work in the new headquarters kept us on our toes until the last minute (the chairs arrived just in the nick of time). In the end, everything we needed was on time and ready to go (except for the coffee machine - which unfortunately stubbornly refused to start working).

women in tech night 2022 - the stage

The setting

The program included three keynotes on the main stage and 14 workshops held in two separate rooms. But that was by no means all! In addition to the 100 participants on-site, around 200 people joined us remotely, as all presentations could also be followed via live stream. In the end, however, numbers, data, and facts cannot reflect the atmosphere that prevailed at our headquarters that evening!

Because the real star of the show was the networking. During the breaks, lively conversations were going on all around. And those looking for a bit to eat could help themselves to a variety of creative appetizers that our Team Foodie had elaborately prepared. For us as the organizing team, it was also rewarding to see how the participants exchanged ideas with each other or asked the speakers questions.

Women in tech 2022 - collage

The Show Must Go On!

After the success of this event, many people wonder whether there will be another edition of the Women in Tech Night - at least that's what many of the participants of the event asked us. Of course, the overall experience has been very encouraging - and that’s why we can already tell you that we are indeed planning to organize a second women's event. However, it is not yet clear exactly how we will go about it. Whether the event should be annually, biannually, or even more often: do you have an idea or a suggestion for how or what the Women in Tech Night could look like in the future? Then feel free to share your thoughts with us and write leave a comment down below (alternatively send an email to: womenintech@seibert-media.net)!

One thing is for sure - these are exciting times! As technology continues to innovate and women empowerment continues to be fostered worldwide, the future is shining bright. Keep up to date with us and don’t miss your chance to join the next Women in Tech in the near future.

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