Case Study: How Agile Hive Helps DIY Chain toom Scale Agile

One of the many things we do at Seibert Media is helping to enable teams to do Agile at scale. In our journeys across various industries and use cases, we occasionally come across organizational changes that we feel could be interesting to a wider audience. One of those organizations is Toom Baumarkt Gmbh. They will be the focus of this presentation and video.

Toom Baumarkt Gmbh is a firm in Germany that provides construction products and services. They are located in Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. They have more than 15,000 employees at this location and over 6,000 companies in their corporate family. They are part of the larger DIY (do it yourself) industry in Germany and have over 300 locations in the nation. 

Agile at Scale

The toom company motto, “respect for those who do it themselves”, rings true not only in their company culture but also in their agile transformation. Toom were looking for a way to implement agile at scale within their IT department and then the organization as a whole. The teams were already using Jira and Confluence, which fits Seibert Media’s scope of work well, but were not sufficient in accomplishing Agile at scale. Toom were looking for another tool to complement their already agile approach but at a portfolio level. Specifically, toom needed a good way to roadmap, plan their portfolio of work, and prioritize cross-functional development at scale.

Agile Hive seemed to be the right fit. Agile Hive’s PI planning board, individual team breakout boards, and visualization of team dependencies really sold toom on adoption. Soon after selecting Agile Hive, toom used Seibert’s expertise to configure the tool and get it set up in a testing environment. The team needed more than just a tool though, they needed the organizational mindset. Establishing the organizational culture and mindset is where things can get tricky in agile transformation.

Watch the below presentation on toom to learn more about how Christine and Lukas took their agile teams from basic agile practitioners to enterprise agile experts. Pay close attention to the further improvement points that they discovered and look for the other Seibert Media app they adopted. After all, part of agile is to always be improving and toom really embrace this.


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