7 Tools That Make Your Cloud Migration Easier

Many Atlassian customers say that their Cloud migrations went smoother and quicker than they had expected. One reason for this is that there are many helpers available to make the change as frictionless and efficient as possible for the teams.

Demos of Cloud migration

Every week, Atlassian's migration team offers public step-by-step demos with tips, instructions and best practices, which are available as recorded videos or in live format. During the live sessions a chat and a Q&A window in which customers can ask questions are available. All you need to do is register for free.

7 Tools That Make Your Cloud Migration Easier

Online guide for changing from Server to Cloud

Teams performing a cloud migration for the first time often find the task quite daunting. The detailed walkthrough, which describes the six stages of the transition (Assess, Plan, Prep, Test, Migrate, Launch) in detail and helps the team to understand the process steps, can lessen some of those fears.

7 Tools That Make Your Cloud Migration Easier

Cloud Migration Assistants

The best helpers to assist in moving all necessary content from Server or Data Center to a Cloud instance are the Migration Assistants for Jira and Confluence. These tools offer the following features:

  • Assessment of Marketplace apps with information about what can be migrated
  • Migration without overwriting existing data
  • Instant migration of users and groups (and and setting up a continuous synchronization, if necessary)
  • Tracking of the migration process in real time

With the Migration Assistant for Confluence Cloud, customers can move single or any number of Spaces in one action and have the necessary flexibility for testing or phased migrations. The Migration Assistant for Jira has similar capabilities for projects (single migration, multiple projects, or the entire project list).

Assessment of extention apps

As mentioned, the Migration Assistants include app assessment tools to determine which server apps can be seamlessly migrated to the cloud and which need to be replaced or retired. Teams that use numerous apps will save a lot of time and effort compared to doing the assessments manually.

7 Tools That Make Your Cloud Migration Easier

De largest Marketplace vendors work with intensive and automated Migration mechanisms that make moving apps and data easier. When teams move their projects, Spaces and users with the Migration Assistants, it will soon also be possible to migrate the apps and their data.

Business case toolkit

If a team wants to move its Atlassian systems to the cloud, but the company's management or IT is (still) skeptical about this, the business case toolkit can be helpful in convincing them.

The team can use the included email templates to invite stakeholders to info meetings, and use a pre-built presentation during these meetings that can also be customized. There's also a cost calculator to estimate the "total cost of ownership" and the ROI of a migration.

7 Tools That Make Your Cloud Migration Easier

Cloud migration toolkit

This free collection of resources includes the following tools:

  • A detailed checklist to guide the team through each step of the process and ensure nothing is forgotten
  • An equally detailed template for a migration manual
  • Communication templates to help keep stakeholders and employees informed and up to date on project milestones

Long testing periods

Atlassian offers customers who are currently on Server or Data Center up to twelve months of free Cloud access to comprehensively test the solution and carry out the migration. This means that a changeover can be completed without time pressure and they can prepare for the migration in the best possible way.

Your partner for Atlassian Cloud

Do you have questions about Atlassian Cloud and the migration of Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket? We would be happy to help you objectively assess your needs: As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner with experience from thousands of Atlassian projects, we can advise you on evaluating a licensing and operating model that is best for you and are happy to help you migrate your existing systems. Get in touch with us!

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