The Importance of Having a Rich User Profile

Employees have different needs based on a variety of details such as where they work, which language they speak, and their department within an organization. Linchpin creates a custom dashboard experience based on specific information in a user's profile. The more detailed the profile, the better adapted the Linchpin experience. Here are some of the advantages of having a rich user profile in Linchpin:

Displays and Filters

Linchpin makes it easy to locate the coworker you need. You can search for your colleagues by their geographic location, spoken language, role within the organization, and even by a particular skill that they possess. You yourself can also be located in this way, so you can bring your unique expertise to the table. Aiding this search are the People Directory filters, which are based on details in the user profiles. These filters can be added and arranged to your liking. The more detailed the user profiles, the more effective the People Directory filters, and the easier the search.

For a quicker browse through the contacts in your People Directory, you can use the tile layout to display users in block form with their profile pictures and names clearly visible. For a more detailed view, you can opt for the table layout, which arranges contacts vertically and displays more information such as position, email address, and phone number. Clicking on any of these will automatically open a communication option. You can also choose which user information is displayed in the table view. To make follow-up collaboration easy, you can add a user to your 'favorites' list so they'll be front and center the next time you need them. The more detailed the profiles, the more visible the coworker information.

Org and Structural Charts

For a higher altitude view of the users in your organization, you can make use of org and structural charts. An org chart gives you a view of the hierarchy of users in a given department or throughout the entire company. This offers you the ability to access a user's profile by clicking on their box in the chart. This is very useful when trying to find a user based on their role.

A structural chart has a similar appearance but displays users by their relation to a given theme. This makes structural charts very flexible. For example, you can choose to show everyone with Jira skills, and the chart will illustrate their relation to one another within the organization. The chart can be further modified based on speakers of a certain language or office location (or any other information from their user profile).


The more detailed your profile, the more personalized your Linchpin experience. Your news feed, navigation menu and other content is presented in a fashion based on the field details in your profile. A solid profile yields a more tailored and effective Linchpin experience by prioritizing and displaying the most relevant information.

Linchpin will display different information to different users based on their profiles. Different navigation menus, links, and apps will be presented to different users based on details such as their geographic location and department. Dashboards are also formed in a manner based on specific profile information.

Easy to Fill Out

In addition to filling out your profile manually, information can be imported from Active Directory. These details can also be obtained from SAP, LDAP, or an XML file. This helps ensure the consistency of your personal details across your Linchpin profile and authentication client.


Productivity is maximized with a dashboard that is custom tailored to your needs. Linchpin is ready to adapt when these needs change if you ever move offices or switch departments. Having a detailed user profile gives Linchpin the information it needs to serve you best. By ensuring that your profile is complete, you give Linchpin the ability to provide you with a custom workspace that suits your needs. 

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