Linchpin Enterprise News 2.4: Improved overview, more visibility and personalization, enhanced performance

Linchpin Enterprise News is an extension for Confluence and the Confluence-based intranet suite Linchpin. It complements the system with professional features for broadcasting internal company news – one of the main customer requirements for an intranet system. Our development team has just released version 2.4 on the Atlassian Marketplace. Here are the newest features.

Improved overview of news releases

The news scheduling overview shows all news items that are set to be published at a specific time, have already been published, are awaiting approval or have been approved. That means a lot of information for companies that work with news extensively. In the previous version, this led to the corresponding lists growing longer and longer, and becoming more complex.

The new version will change all that. We have completely reworked the overview, which now contains filtering and sorting functions. In the default setting, users only see "open" news; that is, news to be published in the future or news awaiting approval.  However, users can adapt the filters as they need, for example, to display news items that have already been published.

These changes will make the overview more efficient for news editors and enable a lean approach to scheduling and documentation, where all the necessary information is still available at the click of a mouse.

Increased visibility for personal news subscriptions

In the administration area, Linchpin Enterprise News provides an overview of the personal news subscriptions, where you can see how many subscriptions each space has.

This overview can also be opened to non-administrators, for example, to team members in internal communications. Administrators can assign the necessary user permissions to individual users or user groups. This feature improves coordination between teams and provides easier access to useful analyses.

Personalized obligatory subscriptions

Most companies have certain internal news topics that must be received by all intranet users. Linchpin Enterprise News satisfies this requirement with its obligatory subscriptions feature. Users will receive news items from some  Confluence spaces automatically.

If Linchpin Enterprise News is used as part of the Linchpin suite, and is therefore personalized, the obligatory subscriptions can now be personalized too. As such, you can decide which user groups must receive obligatory news from which spaces. For example, users in the USA can be assigned different spaces from their counterparts in Germany. This option provides another, useful level of detail that goes towards creating an effective and efficient custom user experience for intranet users.

Performance enhancements to cover stories

Our development team has not only added new functions, but they have also made some technical adjustments. As a result, the performance of the cover stories macro has improved significantly – another example of how improved performance in one area can affect the entire user experience. Dashboards such as the intranet homepage now load much faster.

Test Linchpin Enterprise News now

Version 2.4 of Linchpin Enterprise News is now available on the Atlassian Marketplace. You can test the full version of the product in your Confluence instance for 30 days without obligation.  Or would you rather see how Linchpin Enterprise News works in a real intranet system right away? Then test Linchpin in our full-feature test system or on your own demonstration instance now!

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