Urban gardening with //SEIBERT/MEDIA: Now with real garden beds instead of trash cans!

Last year we started making our terrace greener. The temporary set-up for the experiment (e.g. using repurposed trash cans as pots for potatoes) was successful and brought a lot of joy to the workplace. It was terrific to be able to throw our very own homegrown potatoes on the barbecue at our summer celebration. What could be more beautiful to a hobby gardener?


As you can see, our terrace isn’t much to look at right now. And since we take great care at //SEIBERT/MEDIA to make sure that everything we do is also kind on the eyes, my colleague Sandra took the issue into her own hands, and built three wonderful, wooden raised vegetable gardens on the terrace  with the help of many colleagues. Our green thumb has become more professional!

Back in February she explained how we wanted to put the theme of urban gardening into practice. That prompted me to buy an assortment of seedlings from a private greenhouse which would eventually have to be moved into new garden beds. Another colleague from Team Ponyhof (one of our internal teams), Melanie, also started to cultivate some young tomato plants. And another Melanie from the same team helped me to plant them in the beds. (Yes, having both Melanies in the same team is confusing at times.)

Here are some details about the beds:

  • Each is between 1.0-1.5m2 in area and 30-40cm tall
  • Young plants: zucchini (green and yellow), tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers.
  • Seedlings: radish, carrots, paprika, thyme, parsley.

Thanks to the convenient weather (a good balance between rain and sun), the lettuces have grown so well that we were already able to use one of them in a delicious salad the other day.

And the radishes are growing at turbo-speed, as you can see in the third picture of the beds. Don’t be puzzled by the pens in the dirt. They’re just markers to help us remember what we planted and where.

We’re actively trying to keep our colleagues interested in self-sufficiency. It’s also quite nice for the people under us to be working near all these natural things: Crazy, a vegetable that grows out of the earth instead of from a supermarket shelf! Green thumbs up!

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