Urban Gardening: Our Rooftop Terrace is Greener!

The idea: potatoes, herbs and more in the middle of the city

My colleague Torsten - our pioneer in landscaping and cultivation - recently came up with the great idea of ​​planting our terrace with useful plants instead of simply decorative ones. Space is abundant, and especially for colleagues who live in the city without their own garden, urban gardening is a great opportunity to put our green thumbs together. There's also something to hanging out during the lunch break in our own garden with the growing vegetables! 🙂

Sowing seeds above the city's rooftops

Torsten and I with our hard-working colleagues

Working together, we filled a variety of pots with soil, scattered seeds and watered. Torsten had kindly donated the seeds and //SEIBERT/MEDIA sponsored the pots. We planted potatoes, zucchini, cress, carrots, onions, basil, lettuce, chives, thyme, Californian poppies and a few wildflowers - bam!

Of course, we aren't finished - seed raising needs ongoing care and attention. The gardening team will have their hands full over the next few weeks and months. The (hopefully successful) harvest will be available to all employees, perhaps as a meal or to simply take home. Perhaps in fall we'll have a harvest party with great food made from our homegrown produce? We'll have to wait and see. In any case, we've started a great project of another type and look forward to the results!

If you want to see Torsten in action (and our newly planted urban garden!), drop by his YouTube channel Borstens Beet (in German).  It's worth it!

Urban gardening in the center of Wiesbaden

Frantic activity on our rooftop terrace

A variety of seeds

Green thumbs means dirty hands

It'll soon be greener

Torsten is enjoying this project!

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