More Mobile Magic – New Linchpin Update (April 2024)

Linchpin has a whole host of new features in store for spring - so here's an overview of the topics in this article for you:

🎉 Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.9 & Linchpin Essentials 2.9 now available

Linchpin Intranet Suite 5.9 and Linchpin Essentials 2.9 are now available for download from the Atlassian Marketplace.

Especially fans of Linchpin Mobile will be very happy about this update - the mobile app is now more powerful than ever!

Let's take a closer look at the highlights of the April update.

🧭 More for “More” – The Linchpin Mobile navigation menu is now freely configurable

Fine, some menu items, such as "About this app", are generally best placed under "More". You can therefore not remove these entries.

However, you can now add as many new links as you like and even group them!

More Mobile Magic – New Linchpin Update April 2024 - 1

The built-in page finder allows you to easily link internal pages, blog posts or entire Confluence spaces. You can now also place external links (for example to your company's social media presence) in the mobile navigation.

The intuitive drag & drop configuration allows you to easily create and move link groups, add new links and personalize them using different icon styles - and even translate menu entries if required.

🔗 Deep links – Open mobile links directly in the app

Speaking of links: The time has finally come!

When you follow mobile links to your intranet content (for example from an email), this content now opens directly in the Linchpin Mobile app instead of in the mobile browser! (If the Linchpin Mobile app is installed on your phone, of course).

In addition, the mobile versions of your intranet pages now have an info banner with a button that you can use to open the corresponding page in the Linchpin Mobile app.

More Mobile Magic – New Linchpin Update April 2024 - 2

🚫 Content access restriction for Linchpin Mobile

Thanks to a mobile app, convenient quick access to your own intranet and wiki is indispensable nowadays. However, it is not always advisable to access internal content using mobile devices.

A brand new label filter system therefore allows you to explicitly hide content for mobile or make it explicitly visible. The new system lets you choose between the "Block by default" and "Allow by default" modes.

Once you have defined the desired labels in the configuration of the feature, you can now attach them to the pages that you explicitly want to make visible or invisible in the mobile app.

More Mobile Magic – New Linchpin Update April 2024 - 3

We have updated the mobile view accordingly so that you can quickly see that content is not available to you via the mobile app.

If you still click on a link that contains content that is actually hidden for you as a mobile user, you will now see a corresponding warning message about the new access restriction.

More Mobile Magic – New Linchpin Update April 2024 - 4

✅ Unlock the feature for your app

To ensure that the mobile blocklist feature also works in your mobile app, please be sure to contact us.

Currently, a URL validation must take place for this feature to work. This validation must therefore take place on a "per app" basis.

If you would like to use the feature in your Linchpin Mobile app, simply write to us at ( or and we will take care of delivering the feature for your app or domain.

📱Small but significant improvements for Linchpin Mobile

The mobile app can now do a lot more.

ℹ️ Profile tooltip now also available for mobile

If you use tooltips for the profile fields in your intranet, you'll be happy to know that your Linchpin Mobile app can now display these tooltips too!

Tap the tooltip icon to display the text in a new pop-up. Simply tap on your screen again to close the pop-up.

More Mobile Magic – New Linchpin Update April 2024 - 5

✨ Better organized mobile profiles

To stick with the profiles for a moment: We've tidied things up a bit. 🧹 Profile fields can sometimes have a long name. Previously, they tended to push the profile content to the side.

Profile fields (or profile field names) and the profile values are therefore now displayed as separate lines. This creates more order and better readability of the profiles in the mobile app.

More Mobile Magic – New Linchpin Update April 2024 - 6

❌ Delete comments on mobile

You can now delete your own comments in the Linchpin Mobile app. To do this, navigate to your comment under a blog post or page. Tap on the three-dot button to find the new delete option.

Now you no longer have to live with the shame of having made an embarrassing typo on your phone and having to leave it there for hours. #wegotyou

More Mobile Magic – New Linchpin Update April 2024 - 7

🗞️ Language filter - Find local news faster

A new filter is waiting for you in the news hub of your Linchpin intranet. With the help of the language filter, you can now quickly search the news portal for blog posts in the languages relevant to you.

To make good use of the filter, you should ensure to link relevant, multilingual content in your intranet.

Only when you have assigned a language to a news article or blog post with the help of the Language Manager can the new news portal filter use this information for itself. Your colleagues will also have faster access to content in their preferred languages. #winwin

More Mobile Magic – New Linchpin Update April 2024 - 8

🏆 Top 3 News - More flexibility for the Cover Stories macro

The beloved "Cover Stories" macro is now even more flexible. The April update adds a new design option for your news or blog articles - the 3 tiles design.

Using 3 tiles, combine the advantages of "larger designs with many tiles" with the advantages of "slim designs" such as the 2-tiles design: Put your company's most important news in the spotlight in style - in a slim way, but without drastically reducing the number of news items available.

⛅️ Mantra – the intranet sensation for cloud

Are you reading this blog post with enthusiasm, but actually want to move to the cloud in the medium to long term? Are you perhaps just about to decide which intranet is right for you?

Then you can't miss Mantra - the intranet for Confluence Cloud! Mantra is growing every day and is already inspiring and enriching countless well-known companies that rely on strong internal communication.

Linchpin is also constantly evolving - but for the data center environment. We won't be able to take Linchpin into the cloud - it's simply technically impossible for us. So if the cloud is an area of interest for you, then visit our colleagues at AppAnvil. (https// 🙂

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