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In the dynamic, technology-driven world of modern knowledge work, things change quickly - and they usually change in such a way that they become more complicated and difficult. So it's a welcome change when the opposite is true, and things become simpler instead of more complicated, isn't it?

For this year's edition of the Team '24 customer and user conference, Atlassian has just announced such a simplification - and it concerns Atlassian's flagship product: the two separate solutions, Jira Software and Jira Work Management, are being merged into one solution. It bears the simple name Jira, without a name tag.

Two software solutions become one product for teams of all kinds

The consolidation is intended to create a central location for all teams in an organization, where both technical and business teams can map their goals and priorities, manage their projects and tasks, and gain insights into all current work.

This creates a single overarching project management tool in which all projects, from software development to marketing, design or HR, can be managed. Atlassian also promises that the new Jira will become more straightforward, more collaborative, and more powerful than ever before, with additional levels of flexibility and visibility, enabling better collaboration and more informed decision-making for teams of all shapes and sizes.

However, the new Jira will not only unite all teams, tasks, and information into one common system, it also aims to solve the challenges associated with using and administering multiple separate products. Billing, provisioning, and authorizations – these and more aspects should become more straightforward and efficient.

What changes – the new features

With Atlassian merging Jira Software and Jira Work Management into one solution, Jira Work Management will no longer be available as a separate product after a transition period.

Moving forward, Atlassian will be delivering a completely renewed navigation and a set of new features that promise to make Jira both simpler and more flexible.


Goals in Jira can be added to every project and every task.

This new feature in Jira is intended to increase the transparency of goals across teams and make work that is linked to these goals more visible.

This will help teams to create alignment.In the "Goals directory", a central overview, there is also a list of all company goals and the teams working on them.


The best of Jira work management overviews are brought together under the new Plans feature. Jira Plans (previously Advanced Roadmaps) now include overviews such as a new calendar view and an updated summary to see metrics at a glance. This should make it easier to create plans, navigate between them, and interact with them.

Jira Software and Jira Work Management Become Jira - jira plans

List View

The list view was previously only available in Jira Work Management; now it is available in all types of Jira projects, including software projects. This view makes it possible to visualize work in a table format and edit information in tasks without opening the corresponding tasks.

Jira Software and Jira Work Management Become Jira - List View

Atlassian Intelligence

Soon, a feature called AI Work Breakdown, which is currently being rolled out in beta mode for Premium and Enterprise customers, will make intelligent suggestions on how to break epics into tasks or tasks into subtasks. As soon as a suggestion has been customized and confirmed, the system creates the corresponding objects and integrates them accurately into the hierarchy.

Jira Software and Jira Work Management Become Jira - Atlassian Intelligence

What's next for existing customers?

Is your company a customer of Jira Software or Jira Work Management? Then you are probably wondering how to proceed with licenses and what to do if necessary.
Here is the most important information:

Jira Software customers do not need to take any action whatsoever. Beginning May 1sty, customers will automatically receive access to the new Jira and there will be no impact on existing projects. License fees will also remain unchanged.

Jira Work Management customers will continue to have unrestricted access to their systems. In spring 2025, Jira Work Management subscriptions will be automatically converted to Jira subscriptions; customers will then have full access to the new Jira. The migration will also have no impact on existing projects. Prices will remain the same until the first license renewal after the migration. The Jira license fees will then apply for license renewals. Former Jira Work Management customers will automatically receive a discount of 10% for the following twelve months.

Do you have questions about switching to Jira? Would you like to find out more about your options as a customer? Get in touch with us via e-mail or schedule a one-on-one session with one of our consultants: The experts in our Atlassian teams will be happy to help and advise you!

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