Jira Align and the new Value Stream Management

What long-term plans do we have as a company? Does this create customer value? How do we need to allocate resources in terms of our priorities? What blockers, dependencies, and risks could threaten our strategic outcomes? Technical managers should be able to answer these questions at any given time, but this is not as easy as it sounds, especially in large organizations.

With Jira Align, Atlassian has launched a solution that aims to help organizations answer these questions by linking strategy to execution. Managers can get a bird's eye view of the work teams are doing in Jira and how they contribute to business outcomes across the entire organizational portfolio.

While Jira Software has served hundreds of thousands of teams for many years to coordinate their development efforts, Jira Align has set out to help organizations scale agile practices beyond the team level. Initially announced at the Atlassian Team '23 conference, now a feature set for Jira Align will soon be available in Jira align - the new Value Stream Management.

The VSM solution in Jira Align

Even companies where work is linked to strategy and that have established effective strategic portfolio management run the risk of wasting time and money if the delivery of their carefully planned work suffers from useless processes and bottlenecks.

For example, the best and most powerful car cannot take off if it is stuck in a traffic jam. As a driver, you have to have your eyes everywhere, because numerous factors influence how quickly and smoothly the journey progresses: the volume of traffic, the other participants, roadworks, detours, etc.

Jira Align and the new Value Stream Management - Value Stream flow metrics

Atlassian Value Stream Management (VSM) brings together the capabilities of Jira Align, Enterprise Insights, Jira Software, and Atlassian Analytics to provide a view of these bottlenecks. The solution includes VSM dashboards that can be viewed in Atlassian Analytics with data from Jira Align Enterprise Insights. These enhancements enable organizations to realize the full benefits of Value Stream Management:

  • Comprehensive reporting based on data from different sources creates end-to-end visibility across the company - from the highest level to granular details.
  • It becomes possible to create an alignment with regard to outcomes - for example with the help of OKR - in order to identify low-value work and highlight the impact on the value stream.
  • The new transparency helps to streamline processes and eliminate bottlenecks. Dependencies and blockages become visible, manual tasks can be automated and unnecessary steps can be avoided. All of this leads to better, more efficient use of resources.
  • Jira Align provides the metrics that teams and managers need at all times: team efficiency, customer impact, software performance and several others.
  • The VSM features help to bring business, DevOps and IT teams together to develop innovative software on a shared data basis in cross-functional teams - from concept to delivery.

How Jira Align is constantly increasing in value

The new VSM solution reflects the manufacturer's ongoing investment in Jira Align. In recent months, Atlassian's development teams have been working intensively on the further development of the product. For example:

Advanced integrations make it easier to connect all of the company's key data sources to Jira Align, providing comprehensive visibility of all teams involved and their value contributions to the organizational strategy. Additional integrations have been announced for the near future.
A revised navigation integrates the other Atlassian products more deeply into the user experience and makes switching between the individual tools more efficient and straightforward.
Based on new accessibility standards, the visual components of Jira Align have been carefully adapted to make them more accessible and efficient for all users.

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