5 Reasons Why ITSM Teams Rely on Jira Service Management Data Center

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Or: Why Cloud Solutions Are Not Always the Better Choice

In today's always-on world, it's more important than ever for ITSM teams to be able to provide fast and standardized service delivery. To make this happen, companies using Data Center as a deployment option should look to Jira Service Management Data Center. Here are five reasons why companies choose this ITSM tool.

Jira Service Management (JSM) is a flexible Atlassian tool that helps ITSM teams deliver fast and standardized service. Based on the Jira platform, it enables transparent working and accelerates collaboration between development, IT, and business teams. In doing so, Jira Service Management maps deeper service management processes for service request, incident, problem, change, knowledge, asset and configuration management.

The ITSM tool is available for both Atlassian Cloud and Atlassian Data Center. While Atlassian has now shifted its focus to its cloud solutions, the software company continues to invest in key enhancements for data center products.

Atlassian Data Center vs. Atlassian Cloud: Which deployment variant is suitable for my company?

Despite countless cloud migrations in recent months, the Data Center option is still the best choice for many organizations. The reason why can vary. For example, Data Center is suitable for organizations that have special or particularly complex operational requirements. Another possible reason: some companies need to scale beyond the cloud user tiers currently offered by Atlassian. Companies with particularly stringent data protection requirements prefer the Data Center solution to maintain full control over data management, security and compliance, and managing availability and performance when it’s time to upgrade.

There are also several benefits to using Jira Service Management for Data Center. We'll introduce you to five reasons why organizations choose the ITSM tool in this deployment variant. Let's go!

1. Scalable service for your business

The first important advantage of Jira Service Management Data Center is scalability: even as your user base grows, speed and reliability are guaranteed - there is little degradation at best. In addition, the ITSM tool scores with features such as high availability, distributed load and upgrades without downtime. This means your team can access the system at any time, even during upgrades and search re-indexing.

2. Prevent service outages

Time is money. And when your business is caught in an unexpected hardware outage, every minute without service also means missing revenue. But with Jira Service Management Data Center you can prevent such service outages: Active-active clustering, built-in disaster recovery tools, and zero-downtime backups ensure that your systems can be restored and continue to operate without any problems.

3. Expand your service capacity without delay

From time to time, the need for a service desk changes. Jira Service Management allows you to respond quickly: Increase capacity on the fly by adding an additional node to your cluster - with no downtime or additional license fees.

4. Secure your data

Especially for organizations with very strict data protection requirements, reason #4 to use Jira Service Management Data Center stands out - by securing your data behind the firewall, you can ensure compliance with your corporate IT, security, and privacy policies.

You also have full control over where your data is stored (keyword: data residency). This way, you can ensure that your data is stored entirely in Germany or the EU (and not, as in the cloud, possibly involving subcontractors based outside the EU). You can either choose to run your Atlassian systems yourself in your own infrastructure or outsource the operation to an IaaS provider (e.g. AWS or Azure) and store your data there. We at Seibert Media can also take care of hosting your systems. You can read more about your hosting options here.

Manage your tool easily

If you use Jira Service Management Data Center, you can save not only time but also nerves when managing the tool. Features like single sign-on via SAML and OpenID Connect, issue archiving, and rate limiting reduce the time spent on administration.

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