Tools4AgileTeams 2022 – Keynote – Agile for the Few or the Many? Achieving Complete Business Agility with SAFe – Dean Leffingwell

It's that Eureka moment when the big idea suddenly appears, and the team scrambles to sell it to management. The senior executives love it, and the project is green-lighted and a go until the team hears those dreaded words, "maybe next year, this year's budget has already been allocated."

At this year's Tools4AgileTeams, Dean Leffingwell from Scaled Agile asks, "why?" It's a valid question. Why can't funds be released immediately to pursue new ideas? What's the problem? And this leads to an even bigger question. Why, in some organizations, do specific departments embrace Agile and deliver outstanding results while other departments in that same organization do not.

Dean is an entrepreneur and software development methodologist best known for creating SAFe®, the world's most widely used framework for business agility. During our Tools4AgileTeams conference at the beginning of December, he explained why Agile is not only necessary for business survival, it's essential.

Tools4AgileTeams - Agile, for the few or the many? Achieving complete business agility with SAFe - graphic of business agility competencies

Agile has never been more relevant than right now

As a species, we are on the precipice of another revolution. Both A.I. and Robotics are on the cusp of going mainstream. So what does this have to do with Agile? Well, you will need to watch the video below to find out. Dean touches on many aspects of our modern work life and asks some basic questions about why we still do things a certain way. Today, each part of our lives is connected in some fashion to a microprocessor and associated code. Agile is for more than just the high-tech departments in an organization. 

What do the next twenty years hold? Dean offers some ideas and thoughts on where we are going and why Agile should be considered not just a luxury; it will become essential regardless of your industry.

In Japanese television, police crime shows GEMBA refers to a crime scene, and given how some businesses are run, this may be quite an accurate description. But here, Dean talks about GEMBA in the world of Agile and MVP (Minimal Viable Product).

This presentation has a lot to give, but it's delivered engagingly and entertainingly. Dean is keen to emphasize that Agile is for everyone, not just big businesses, and if this video just gets one idea out there helping one small or mid-sized business, it has been a complete success.


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