Happy World Social Media Day! – What Seibert Media Does on Social Media

Everyone knows social media - most of us use it weekly, daily, heck even sometimes 16 hours a day. It is one of the main ways in which we communicate and interact with people. We can easily send messages to friends, “hey what’s up?” or connect to community groups we are interested in - a cat lover’s club, BTS fans, travel groups, almost anything. We can announce life events such as marriages, engagements and birthdays. Share pictures or videos of our vacation in Hawaii or the local concert we went to last night. Social media is a part of many people's lives and its impact is obvious, so much so that since 2010 we officially recognize World Social Media day on June 30th.

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The history of social media actually dates back to 1997 when Andrew Weinreich launched SixDegrees, the first profile uploading platform. Thank you, Andrew! Fast forward to 1999, when blogs and email gained popularity and in 2002 LinkedIn, the first professional networking platform, was created. Another big name - Facebook was created just two years later in 2004. The list goes on and on, to name a few more popular platforms: YouTube, Snapchat and probably most recently Instagram and Tik-Tok. This was a brief 25 years of social media, but its impact is long-lasting.

Did you know?

  • 3.5 billion people are active on social media.
  • 3 hours is the average number of hours in a day people are on social media.
  • 300 hours of video footage is uploaded to YouTube every minute.
  • 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram every day.

These are impressive numbers, so why exactly are people using social media?

There are many benefits to social media. The first of which we have already mentioned - communication and interaction. However, more than this, social media has evolved. It is used also for entertainment and as a place of learning. And from personal use to professional use, businesses are taking advantage of various social media platforms - including Seibert Media! For business use, companies are marketing products, promoting brand awareness, increasing conversations, learning from competitors, and connecting and maintaining relationships with customers.

Diving deeper into the depths of Social Media…. Here we go!

So we mentioned the general use of social media, but how exactly is Seibert Media putting it to use? Well, we are releasing a blog on World Social Media Day. Hopefully, that gives everyone a hint that we… LOVE social media! As a tech company, we thrive on using social media to engage with all of our customers over our services and products. We especially are using social media to raise our presence as a company, build our company image, and find potential customers and future employees.

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Social media is a science nowadays… No, seriously, hear me out. There is research into what, when, and how to post on social media for the best engagement results. For example, the best day to post on Facebook could be on Wednesday at 3pm. Crazy, right? Some advice I can give on World Social Media day is to invest and do some research before posting or tweeting next time. Colleagues at Seibert media are taking it seriously and are doing just that. One tip: start a Social Media board to gather ideas within your company; it is a great way to voice everyone’s opinion and stay organized. Being agile, we do this through a Kanban board.

To show who we are and what we are doing, we create employer branding posts, for example Tech Talks, Open Office, or internal events on Instagram and Facebook. Our target audience is students, partners, and future applicants. We want to show authentic stories in a professional manner, and we post blogs on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, the latter of which is currently only used for German-language posts. Our target audience for LinkedIn and Twitter are applicants, customers, and System Admins. Some interesting blogs we have posted before include most recently our sustainability initiatives - which we take a lot of pride in (check it out) or also how, during the pandemic, remote work is working for us as a company. Of course, you can expect our content to be both in German and English!

On YouTube, we have not 1 but 2 two channels (yes, a bit extra... but for good reason). Although the channel names SEIBERTMEDIACorp and SEIBERTMEDIA and the content we post on them are similar, there is one major difference - the language. As I mentioned before, you can find our content in German and English, so to organize it better, we split them up into two YouTube accounts. Check out our German content at SEIBERTMEDIA and English videos at SEIBERTMEDIACorp. We have video playlists dedicated to informing you about Linchpin (our social intranet), Google Cloud and Google Workspace, our Customer stories, Atlassian testimonials, and so much more. My personal favorite is Martin demonstrating the iPhone 4, I have to say that was high-tech stuff back in the day. We dare you to find it in the depths of YouTube. So sit back, relax and go ahead and dive deep into the black hole - Like and Subscribe while you’re at it!

We have mentioned quite a few social media platforms that Seibert Media is using, one of them we are just stepping our feet into is Tik Tok. We are still developing our strategy to reach Tik Tok fame, as a few colleagues are gathering in a few weeks to finalize it, but we will keep you updated on our first post…coming soon!

Through our daily use of it, as you can see, social media is a large part of our business operation. As social media is developing, so are we. So with that, we’d like to say once more - happy World Social Media Day!


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