Pricing Update for Properties

Our cloud companion to the successful on-premise app Blueprint Creator has been in the Atlassian Marketplace for over a year now. And with Properties, we've moved away from Blueprints and built an app that lets you structure and organize all your content in Confluence Cloud.

However, since its release, the app has always been free to use. We wanted to give our community the opportunity to participate in an app that is still growing and give us the chance to tweak the details.

But in the meantime, we have built a really comprehensive app for Confluence Cloud. A new version of Properties (Custom fields, Forms & Reports) has just been released on the Atlassian Marketplace and in addition to many new features introduced with the update (Learn more about the new features here), we have given the entire app a UI update. This now makes it even easier to use and your teams even more effective.

For this reason, we think it is time to adjust the prices accordingly, worthy of a more mature product and to reflect the hard work of our development and support teams. This way we can continue to provide great features for our users and work to further close the gap between Cloud and DC.

Effective June 1st, 2022, Properties will become a paid app, which will be available under the following prices:

Team Size Monthly per user
Up to 10 (Flat fee) Free
11-100 USD 0.50
101-250 USD 0.50
251-1000 USD 0.45
1001-2500 USD 0.40
2501-5000 USD 0.30
5001-7500 USD 0.20
7501-10000 USD 0.15
10001-15000 USD 0.10
15001-20000 USD 0.05

Info for existing users of Properties

Existing customers who have been using the free version of Properties for some time can continue to use it for a reduced price. If you want more information about this, please contact us and together we will find a solution to your advantage.

What's coming for Properties

To keep the new prices for our app justified, we will of course continue to work intensively on the development of Properties to further improve and enhance the existing features.

In addition to the new features in the report and the UI update, we plan to offer cool new features soon:

  • New field types
  • Additional view types for the report
  • Further usability improvements

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at – we would be delighted to help! Our team will handle your request with high priority and will reach out to you personally as soon as possible!

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