Webinar: Marketing Teams in Confluence Cloud – How to Fine-tune Your Marketing Team!

Steve Jobs once said: "Master the topic, the message, and the delivery." He was absolutely right. After all, what you tell your audience and how you do it is an important aspect of successful marketing. Whether it is about building trust with customers or potential customers, about making a new product or brand known, or about presenting an initiative for more sustainability in your company to the broader public (and finding people and companies who want to do the same): the message must be put into words, sentences, images, and finally distributed through the right channels.

The key to success: a good team!

If you work in marketing yourself, you know that quite often, you need more than one person, each with their own talents. Because depending on which activities, measures, and strategies you're pursuing, you need designers, copywriters, UX designers, video experts, etc. Long story short: it takes a well-established, creative team to turn suggestions like "we should do something about that" into a campaign targeted at a specific audience that hits the mark and helps achieve the goals you've set.

Tips and tricks for your marketing team

This is exactly where the webinar "Marketing Teams in Confluence Cloud: Our Tips and Tricks" comes into play, which we're hosting together with our partner Actonic on February 24 at 15:00 CET.

Laura Niedermayer from Actonic and David Hanke from Seibert Media will take you on a journey into Confluence Cloud, Atlassian's innovative collaboration platform. During this webinar, you'll learn how you can use the platform to manage and organize your marketing team. That's because you can use Confluence to map all your resources as well as processes. The tool helps your marketing professionals communicate with each other easily and work together productively. We'll explore the challenges that marketing professionals are faced with in their day-to-day work and show you a live example of exactly how to use Confluence tools to take the collaboration between your marketing teams to a new level.

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Put February 24, 15:00 CET in your calendar right now! Take the chance to find out if and how you and your marketing team can work and act better and more successfully with Confluence Cloud. 


Möchten Sie auf Deutsch teilnehmen? Dann nehmen Sie an unserem Webinar am 17. Februar um 15.00 CET Uhr teil.

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