Value Glide 2021 (11/11/2021) – Adapting to Turbulent Times

Especially during the past couple of years, it has been made clear that companies need to adapt their way of working and especially their leadership in order to weather storms that occur during their projects and be successful after all.

But how can businesses adapt to these turbulent times? The Value Glide virtual conference on November 11th focuses on this question specifically - of course with a lot of expertise about SAFe® too.

But why do we need agile leadership? When using agile methods, it is possible that teams start to interact with each other in non-optimal ways - the more teams an organization has, the more complex the collaboration will be. Agile leaders can help with this exact challenge - with their help, teams can organize themselves in a way that benefits everyone. After all, the agile leader has to keep an overview and assist the teams by giving them a clear framework they can act within ,and create an infrastructure that enables everyone to develop themselves.

As this journey can be challenging for sure, it is a great opportunity to learn from an exceptional group of thought leaders how possible threats in a SAFe® implementation can be solved or even prevented. Seize the opportunity to exchange ideas and expand your network with change agents during this one-day interactive online conference.

See how different organizations manage to solve the challenges in fast-paced environments, which difficulties can occur within traditional management and how we can learn to think differently.


9:00 GMT: Welcome and Kickoff
9:20 GMT: Cash cows make the best burgers with Clarke Ching
10:10 GMT: Thinking differently – the essential capability of true leaders with Marcus Dimbleby
11:00 GMT: Alignment is key - SAFe® with Atlassian Tools with Peter Weingärtner
11:50 GMT: “Hit delete” - how simplifying your organization avoids agility being just a team sport with John Coleman
12:45 GMT: Doubt, Uncertainty and Leadership with Dr Jonathan Clark
14:10 GMT: Thriving in Turbulent Times: Adaptive Leadership and the Scaled Agile Framework with Dr Steve Mayner
15:00 GMT: Beyond Budgeting – Business agility in practice with Bjarte Bogsnes
15:45 GMT: After Party

Agile Leadership is based on values. Our colleague Peter Weingärtner will therefore explain why transparency throughout all levels is very important, as well as getting everyone aligned with your strategies, allowing for constant feedback and learning. Atlassian Jira is a great tool to support agile teams but has its limitations in scaling. Get to know Atlassian Jira Align and Agile Hive by Seibert Media, two very different software solutions that help large organizations to manage even the most complex SAFe® environments.

Are you interested in participating? Then you have to hurry, because there are only a few tickets left! Get yours here:

The best journeys are taken together. Let us accompany you on your SAFe journey, every step of the way.

We know that a SAFe implementation can seem daunting, but with the right tools and the right partner it doesn't have to be. Whether you're about to take your first steps or ready to scale up, we will be there to help you evaluate and guide you through the process. With KEGON - Germany's leading SAFe partner & SAFe first mover in Europe - we will use our expertise in Agile Hive, Jira, and Jira Align to help you find the right methods and tools to fit your needs wherever you are on your SAFe journey.

Get in touch with us today so we can help get you started the best way possible for your organization.

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