Agile Hive Update 6

Agile Hive update 6: Enhancements and refinements abound!

As we transition to Summer here in the Northern latitudes, for some, holidays and vacations are at the forefront of our minds. Lazy days lounging at our favorite lakeside beach, curling up with that book we’ve been dying to open; any number of relaxing endeavors are hopefully in your future. 

For our software engineers, the past few weeks, they’ve been refining various improvements, features, and enhancements to Agile Hive. We’re excited to have you take a look, and when the time comes for you to dive back into your work in Agile Hive, coming back to work may actually be not that bad. 

Here We Go!

A great deal of focus has resulted in some significant performance and UI improvements in the upcoming release of Agile Hive. In total, over ten key improvements have been integrated into the latest release. The team is excited to have you take it for a spin so let’s take a look!

Performance Upgrade

Breakout Boards include many features to simplify and enhance the effectiveness of the breakout sessions in PI Planning for you and your teams. Based on requests from users regarding the load times for Breakout Boards, our developers dove in and performed a variety of coding refinements. This has resulted in some impressive improvements noted by many of our customers with early access to the release. 

Improved Navigation

Agile Hive update 6

Reducing the number of clicks needed to reach the information our users need is always a high priority. In this release, our engineers took it to a new level. Using SAFe layer colors, the time it takes for each team to navigate to their respective views has been drastically reduced. Users can now see and navigate where they want to go much more quickly at a glance.

Dedicated URLs for PIs

In previous iterations of Agile Hive, during a reload of the PI (Program Increment) view, the selected PI was ignored, and the current PI was instead loaded. How did we change that? Now each PI has its dedicated URL. When a reload is performed, it now keeps the selected PI. An added benefit to this change is that users can share this unique URL with teammates to direct them to the identical view.

Agile Hive update 6

Sneak Peak - Team Switcher & Program Roadmaps

Often to improve where you and your team are at in your workflow, it really helps to know where your colleagues on other teams are at in theirs. Both the Breakout and Program Board UIs have significantly improved readability and efficient, quick access to information. SAFe level indicator colors at a glance provide immediate status issue updates, and dependency totals per team are provided front and center grouped by their level of criticality. The assignee is also clearly indicated within that same status line. Simple.

Agile Hive update 6

A great deal has been accomplished in our ongoing efforts to build out the functionality of Agile Hive’s Program Roadmaps. We anticipate these functionality and UI improvements to be released by the end of July 2021.

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Thank you for taking a look. We know you’ll love the improvements! 

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