Linchpin Cloud: A modern intranet solution on its way to the future!

A lot of changes took place in the Atlassian universe last year. They announced end-of-life for their Server products.  The announcement prompted a change in focus in favor of their Cloud and Data Center products.

Atlassian's decision lead to changes within our own ecosystem, meaning that our focus is also on the remaining deployments. To that end, we've been working intensively on Linchpin Data Center and making investments in the future for Linchpin Cloud. The solutions are customer and partner-ready and offer a lot of options and potential for the future.

The free Linchpin Cloud Beta has been publicly available since May of 2020. Many of our customers are participating in the Beta and, in that way, have first-hand influence in the further development of the software.

What have we achieved together thus far? From the intuitive creation of News and Posts to Intranet Events, many things have become possible. And all these developments are for both the Desktop and Mobile version of the software!

Let's take a closer look at these features...

Intuitive configuration for the desktop version and in the mobile app

To create a new instance, register with a Google or Apple account or a freely selectable email address. After creating the workspace, it's ready to go. Theming with colors and logo, inviting users, activating integrations - all this is done in no time on the computer or on-the-go with the mobile app.

Intuitive Configuration


Stay up-to-date with News.

News is a useful and effective way of communicating within the company and beyond. We've implemented the first iteration in Linchpin Cloud that can create and distribute news quickly and easily.

Linchpin Cloud News

Posting your news shouldn't be a  one-way street in terms of communication. Users can provide feedback on posts with comments and reactions because engagement should be at the core of an intranet that is alive.

Posts – Interaction means engagement.

Posts are the fastest and easiest way to communicate on the intranet. In Linchpin Server and Data Center, our customers have long been familiar with the microblogging functions. The corresponding features are now also available in Linchpin Cloud.

Linchpin Cloud Posts


Whether it's the sale of your old bike to a colleague, the latest project update, or simply a promising idea, all information can be shared easily and efficiently.

Bring people together with Events.

Bringing people together is harder than ever, especially considering our current situation. Events in Linchpin Cloud are designed to help the people in your organization plan and spend time together. It's easy to have an overview of participants as well as administrate their participation. The integration on the dashboard provides a central overview of upcoming events.

Linchpin Cloud Events

Launchpad – easy access to all important applications

The Launchpad provides quick and easy access to the most important daily work applications from within the intranet. It resembles a bookmark list that can be stored by the administrator. This means all employees can find the work tools that are relevant to them quickly.

Linchpin Cloud Launchpad

But that was not all! Our development team is growing, which means we are continuing to work on new features and optimize usability. Check out our publicly available roadmap to see what's in store. The beta phase will run until around the middle of the year. By then, we want to have implemented the basic functions that we have identified as the fundamental use cases of a modern intranet. After that, the first companies should be able to go live with Linchpin Cloud. Check out the current pricing.

As soon as the basic functions have been delivered, we would like to work with you, our real users, to further expand them to offer an intranet that meets your needs in daily collaboration.

Linchpin Cloud Roadmap

Want to know more?

Test Linchpin Cloud for free today! It's available as a beta for both the web and mobile app.

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