Google Workspace: Updates & new features that came out in October!

Every month, Google brings out a slew of new updates and features for Google Workspace.  Today we're going to give you a run-down of the latest updates and improvements that came out in October.

There are generally two ways for companies to receive Google workspace updates: Rapid and Scheduled Releases. The Google Workspace administrators can make the decision about how updates are received in the admin console.

Rapid Release means that the instance receives new updates as early as possible. However, customers may still have to deal with slight problems or small bugs. Scheduled releases are made later in time, so the potential for issues is less likely.

Whichever update form you choose, updates are never rolled-out for all customers simultaneously, but always over a certain period of time. So, it's possible that you receive an update on Monday and can already use a new feature.  Meanwhile, another team may not receive the update until Wednesday.

Furthermore, some updates and features are only included in certain Google Workspace pricing tiers and may have to be activated by administrators in the admin console. (You can access the relevant details by clicking on the links in the respective subheadings).

These are the Google Workspace updates that were released in October

The biggest innovation in October was the renaming of the G Suite to Google Workspace. Find out more in our blog post - Hello Google Workspace, goodbye G Suite.  But here is the breakdown of all the new functions for each of the individual Google Workspace Apps:

Google Drive

Share folders within shared drives now
Until now, it was only possible to share individual files within a shared drive. Now you can also share whole folders with others!

Items in the Google Drive recycle bin are automatically deleted after 30 days
In the past, deleting a file or folder in Google Drive moved it to the Recycle Bin, where you had to manually delete it. Now all files and documents in the Recycle Bin are automatically deleted after 30 days.

Assign permissions directly from Gmail
If a user wants to open a document to which they have no access, they can now request access to the document directly via the document owner. The owners then receive an e-mail with a link to the document, which they can use to grant the requestor permission. With the latest update, there is no longer any need to click on the link or open the document. Instead, you can grant the desired permission directly from the e-mail.

Dokumente direkt aus Gmail heraus teilen

Docs and Sheets

Adding and managing references (citations)
In Google Docs, source information had to be added completely manually, at every point they were needed. Now, under the menu item Tools and then Quotations, there is an option to add and manage source citations. These can then be inserted at the appropriate places (the footnote, for example) with just a click. It is now also possible to automatically create a source directory from the added sources.

Mentioning other Google users in a document
You probably already know about the option to mention users via the comment function. Now you can also address other users directly in the document using @-Mention. If you then move the mouse over the name, the user's contact details are displayed.  You now have the additional option of contacting the user by mail, chat, or Google Meet or making an appointment with them with just one click.

Suggestions for data and statistics cleansing for columns
Those who frequently work with tables may have come across issues that - depending on the data source - cause inconsistencies within the data. For example, the United States of America may be entered in the sheet as the United States, the USA, or only the US. Google Sheets now recognizes such inconsistencies and offers to clean them up for you with a single click.

Google Sheets also gives you the new option of displaying relevant key figures from the data in a column without using formulas. These can be values such as the sum or average of the data and even visualizations.

Datenvalidierung in Google Sheets

Spalten-Statistiken in Google Sheets

Google Meet

Create questions & answers, and surveys in Google Meet
Within a video meeting with Google Meet, there is now a function to create polls via the button Activities. The other participants are informed by a pop-up about a survey that has started and can participate directly within Google Meet. The activities button can also be used in a video conference to ask questions.  You can also do thumb-voting to identify the most important questions and then answer them in the meeting.

The Android smartphone app from Google Meet gets a new look
The look of Google Meet on Android smartphones has been overhauled and is now more clearly laid out.

Umfragen in Google Meet

Fragen & Antworten in Google Meet

Google Chat

Read receipt of direct messages in Google Chat
When you send a direct message to another user in Google Chat, a small version of the profile picture in the lower right-hand corner now shows whether the recipient has seen your latest message.

Settings for saving chat history revised
The setting of whether to save chat history has moved from the input field to the conversation settings. Also, the chat history shows more clearly whether the setting is turned on or off.

Gelesen-Markierung in Google Chat Chat-Verlauf in Google Chat

Google Groups

Mark conversations as important in Google Groups
In the old interface of Google Groups, there was already the option to mark group conversations with a star to indicate it as a favorite. This function is now also available in the new Google Groups interface.

Google Groups Markierung

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