Cross-site collaboration with Google G Suite at e3N

Streamlining internal communication with Google G Suite

We had the opportunity to work with the internet agency e3N, headquartered in Mainz, Germany, specializing in e-commerce and individual software development.

Due to the company's fast growth and multiple locations throughout Germany, it was important that the office solution offered smooth and location-independent cooperation between the various teams.  This is precisely what the introduction of Google G Suite has done for e3N.

Regardless of location, each of the teams can collaborate very closely via Hangout Chats, Hangouts Meet and manage shared documents via Google Docs

In an interview with Tobias Niebergall, he tells us how the switch to G Suite came about, how the transition went, and where the advantages of the G Suite for e3N are particularly noticeable.

Who are you, and what do you do?
We are e3N. Our specialty is e-commerce and individual software development in relation to the programming language PHP.  We basically come into play when the off-the-rack solutions are no longer sufficient.

What are your biggest challenges in your daily work?
We have a total of 3 locations spread throughout Germany - in Mainz, Cologne, and Bremen - so the daily challenge for us is always to ensure smooth communication.

Why did you choose G Suite?
Back in 2008, we took over an agency that already had G Suite in place.  During the transition and migration phase, it became clear to us that Exchange was not suitable for our needs.  Google G Suite was, with its entire Office Suite, a complete solution that enabled us to work collaboratively across the board.

How did the introduction of G Suite go for you?
The whole introduction was relatively simple for us.  All of the colleagues that didn't have G Suite were given access.  The team then carried out the gradual rollout of the suite, migrated e-mails, and that was that!

What has changed for you since the introduction?
We've noticed an increase in efficiency when working with e-mails. Searching for e-mails has also become smoother thanks to Google technology.  Being able to collaborate in documents, regardless of location, is a big plus for us. Things like automating the drafting of contracts with Ultradox are also a great time saver.

How are your employees getting on with G Suite?
Actually quite well. There are still a few questions here and there about the Office products because they differ a little from Word or Excel. But on the whole, our teams are finding their way around quite well.  Google's documentation helps us to quickly find answers to our questions.

Why did you choose //SEIBERT/MEDIA as Google partner?
We chose //SEIBERT/MEDIA because it is convenient for us to have an invoice partner in Germany. This makes the billing process easier for the accounting department. Customer support is also much easier to access because you don't have to contact a US-Support first. You can contact //SEIBERT/MEDIA and also have a partner for larger implementations or training.

What would you advise other companies with similar challenges?
I would definitely advise you to take a look at the G Suite and give it a chance. Since implementation, we have already been able to convince some within our network to set up a demo through //SEIBERT/MEDIA so they can experience the G Suite for themselves.  Should you decide for G Suite, take things step by step. Don't rush, make sure that you start with e-mails, then follow up with the Office products and gradually introduce the complete G Suite.

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Are you interested in modern enterprise collaboration with Google software as an office alternative? Contact us if you have questions or want to know more: We are an official Google Cloud Partner and would be happy to advise you without obligation on the introduction, licensing, and productive use of the Google G Suite!

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