Expansion of //SEIBERT/MEDIA’s free community Wi-Fi infrastructure: More free Wi-Fi for the Wiesbaden city centre

Since September 2018, //SEIBERT/MEDIA has operated two Wi-Fi access points for Freifunk Wiesbaden, enabling us to supply the Wiesbaden pedestrian zone at the corner of Luisen Street and Kirchgasse from the fifth floor of the Luisen Forum, where our offices are located. In our earlier blog post we examined the first iteration of the project -- and our intentions with it -- in more detail. And over the winter we can already report some remarkable successes: at peak times over 100 guests are logged onto our Wi-Fi!

At the same time, however, the bandwidth usage is quite manageable, which has led us to draw the conclusion that most people are only logged in to our Wi-Fi "in passing", meaning that they do not stay longer for "active" use. We're looking forward to seeing how this pattern will change in the spring and summer, when temperatures are more likely to invite folks to sit comfortably outside in the pedestrian area rather than hurry by with their coat collars up.

It's Hackathon Time!

Our first internal hackathon of 2019 took place from the 17th to the 18th of January. For 24 hours all employees worked on small and large projects of their choice -- and one of the teams took the opportunity to take on planning the next iteration of our free radio infrastructure, including expanding upon it.

In addition to the two inaugural access points (AP) in the Luisen Forum, another AP is now set up for Kirchgasse near the Back Factory bakery, which supplies Kirchgasse as far as Rhein Street. This means that a large part of the local pedestrian zone can now enjoy free community Wi-Fi!

Click here for a link to our interactive map

Installation around Adolf Street

We have also upgraded our third location on Adolf Street in Wiesbaden: We want to use a sector antenna in order to amplify the signal and supply free Wi-Fi from the adjacent park all the way up to the "Cherry and Port" restaurant.

In the near future, we would like to set up a free wireless link between our high offices thereby creating a real alternative to the DSL lines we normally use.

Sound exciting?

In principle, the free community Wi-Fi project is open to everyone. The website of Freifunk Wiesbaden is the first point of contact for those who are in our area and offers many useful tips.

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