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//SEIBERT/MEDIA has seven core values, developed in collaboration with all employees, interested in taking part. We hope this post explains our values, shows what they mean in practice and how they shape of our daily work lives.

Why do we have corporate values?

First and foremost, our core values ​​are intended to be guidelines, to encourage consistent behavior across the company, both for customers and for colleagues, and to guide our daily work.

The aim is to provide our employees with a sense of security so they can make decisions independently without constant reassurance, and to act in the company's interest.

Inspiration: The surprising truth about what motivates us

The idea behind this: An employee's motivation is decisively influenced by autonomy, competence and meaning. With our corporate values, we try to make our work at //SEIBERT/MEDIA meaningful.

Daniel H. Pink's book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us has not been the only but an important source of inspiration for the development of its own corporate values. For this, we recommend reviewing this wonderful video from RSA Animate - it's a short ten minutes that are really worth it!

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More Information

Our seven core values

Here are our seven company values:

  • Fair play: We treat others fairly and objectively. We do not cheat.
  • Teamwork: We win together and we lose together. We win as a team and we lose as a team.
  • Responsibility: We like to put on our hats. We love to be in charge.
  • Openness: We let others benefit from our knowledge. We're generous with our knowledge.
  • Expertise: We love to be experts in our fields. We love to be geeks.
  • Change: We love change. We welcome change.
  • Strength of character: We do not take the path of least resistance. We do not take the easy way out.
//SEIBERT/MEDIA's corporate values

We've put our corporate values on our walls!

Further information

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