Invitation: Write as a Guest Expert for //SEIBERT/MEDIA

We have published articles online at in English, and on our German corporate blog. Since 2007, we have grown our collection of articles to more than 2,100, and we are looking for guest authors to contribute to our collection.

If you enjoy blogging or like to put your thoughts down on paper, and if you have a writing style that attracts readers, please contact us! We'd like to invite you to be a guest author who writes about technical, organizational and business-oriented topics.

We believe that people are most successful when working in teams and using good software. On our blog, we feature articles on collaboration, modern enterprise concepts, Agile (Scrum, Kanban), software development, or software usage.

Guest article requirements

  • We do not want paraphrased, re-spun, third-party content. We want to have your contribution, in your own words.
  • You permit us to use your content exclusively and indefinitely, and translate it into other languages as we see fit.
  • We don't want marketing pitches or digital advertisements. You are welcome to use your software product or a service you provide as an example in your article, but don't make this the main focus please. We want you to give our readers novel ideas and tips they can use. Please don't keyword-stuff your article or worry about how it will perform in search engines - our editors reserve the right to make minor changes to your articles.
  • Please write a well structured article, using subheadings and more than 600 words. We don't set any upper limit on a post's length.
  • You are welcome to write for a specialist audience, and you can choose how deep you dive into your chosen topic.
  • We accept articles in many formats: Microsoft Office, Google Docs, etc. However, PDFs are not accepted. We can create an account in our blog for you, if you are comfortable using WordPress, so you can write your blog post there directly.
  • Please make sure you are allowed to use any images you select to include in your article in a commercial setting, and indicate the source. YouTube videos that support your topic are welcome.
  • We'd like to include an avatar (using, so that our readers can put a face to your name.

The benefits of writing for us

You are named as the author

We don't accept ghost authors, so you will be named as the author of any article you write. In the article, you are welcome to include a short biography, with details about yourself and your company, and links to your websites or social media accounts.

For authors with more than a few articles published on our blogs, we can provide an author's page, with a short introduction and an automatically updating list of all of your articles. Here are a couple of examples:

Get recognition

Nothing is worse than working on a really cool project or concept that nobody sees or acknowledges. It is unlikely that your colleagues will spread the word about your excellent work and ideas. We want to invite you to shine on our stage, and share your expertise.

Reach a wider audience

We have more than 30,000 visitors to our blog each month, and blog posts are sent to our newsletter subscribers (13,000+) each month. We share our published blog posts on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others. We will translate your articles into German, so that you can grow your international presence by reaching the German-speaking market.

Gain new customers

Even though our blog is not an advertising platform, we invite service providers, consultants, and developers to publish articles, and include a short description of who they are and what services they provide. These people may complement our solutions or may even be in direct competition, but we want to provide a wide range of use cases and alternatives to our customers.

Publicize your content

You are welcome to use your own channels to publicize the articles you write for us, on the provision you include a reference to our //SEIBERT/MEDIA blog as the original source.

Do you want to write for us?

If you are interested in writing as a guest expert, please fill out the form below, and let us know who you are, what background you have, what you'd like to write about, and perhaps, why you want to work with us.

We look forward to hearing from you! ?

Please fill the following online form.

Featured image: diary writing by Fredrik Rubensson (CC BY-SA 2.0)

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