The “Muslim ban” executive order by Donald Trump is not okay

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

I have never been a very political person. I think that politics is a field that others know much better than me. But times have changed in a way that I believe needs action and public disapproval.

In a mixture of lunatic amusement and bewilderment, I have watched the rise of Donald Trump from a niche candidate of the Republican party to President of the United States. With his executive order to ban citizens from 7 countries from entering the U.S. he has crossed a line.

I will start to speak up. This is not okay. This is hurting real people and real businesses. This is creating hate, anger, and anxiety in those affected to a level that is hard to imagine for me. It does a lot of things, but I am pretty sure it does not make the U.S. or the world as a whole a better and safer place.

My blog post is inspired by Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes’ post:

“I’m an immigrant. I’m a human being. And to use an Australian-ism, “this is just #@!%ing wrong.” I believe it’s important to stand up and speak out when something is not OK. This is very clearly not OK.”

The world we try to create, influence, and live in as //SEIBERT/MEDIA is incompatible with the actions propelled by this executive order.

I ask you to step outside your comfort zone. Even when you think politics is not your thing, like me. It is important that this kind of behavior does not become a role model for politicians. It is important that the world, including the United States of America, understands that there is a majority out there that has an opinion.

Whatever your take is, make it heard. Don't sit back. These things will only change if you actively seek to change them. Speak up!

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5 thoughts on “The “Muslim ban” executive order by Donald Trump is not okay”

  1. Corresponding blog post about Obama bombing those 7 countries? Or link to the legislation passed by Obama that caused 6 of the 7 countries on the “Muslim Ban”? (Trump only named Syria, the other 6 were direct result of legislation passed by Obama).

    Doesn’t matter which candidate you vote for, the system gets in, and the system is rotten to the core.

      1. I recently stumbled across this post and the rather short discussion but want to share a Guardian article that should help @mseibert:disqus to get out of his filter bubble:
        Imho not much harm done with the so called “Muslim Ban” compared to the victims of US bombs. The only difference is that airstrikes take place far away from the desks of most of the prosecutors of Trump’s ban…

        1. in the meanwhile I have found similar sources. At the same time I do doubt, that Trump reduced the bombing. Isn’t he planning to increase the spent on military dramatically. I would not be surprised if he’d even drop more bombs on people. It’s a sad world. 🙁

          At least the muslim ban as opposed above did not take effect (for too long).

          1. In my opinion, aubergine10 pointed out that the fact who’s the current PotUS does not really matter for the US foreign politics. It is determined by other forces for sure. E.g. Trump started with the promise for a more peaceful and fair dealing with Russia which is the only safe option to prevent the next world war. Many hopes went out that he would stop the Atlantic Resolve adventure that Obama forced to start earlier before Trump’s inauguration. Look, what happened in the meantime. Very disappointing and frightening…

            So don’t focus on a single person (very hypocritical that so many people discovered their preference for freedom and peace just with Trump’s rise) but on the whole crazy approach to achieve business and politics goals with bombs, drones and support for local war lords…

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