Architecture of a Wiki-Project: Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions

In the article Architecture of a Wiki-Project: Elements, Process, Approach, Rules, the procedure for a typical adoption of a Wiki is portrayed in detail; we suggest you read that article first. This article completes our explanation with the types of questions, which many customers have, questions that require coherent, unambiguous answers.

So //SEIBERT/MEDIA is suggesting that we never require all of our employees to use the Wiki?

Correct. The Wiki should only be required in those areas in which successful and efficient processes have been established. If such processes are depicted in a Wiki, it is unacceptable to return to old, suboptimal processes such as the overuse of hard copies (paper documents) or the complete neglecting of documentation.

At the same time, a directive like “knowledge and documentation is to be saved in the Wiki from this day forward” does not typically succeed in most companies. Forcing employees to use Wikis does little to spark their interest; rather, in our experience it leads more often to frustration among your employees. Larger companies in particular must be careful not to (unintentionally) cause blockades or defensive reactions among their employees. These are barely “visible”, thus endangering  your Wiki’s success even more.

How long does it take to execute a Wiki-project?

The duration of the project varies naturally from company to company. However, we assume – depending on their size and agility – that companies require between 3 and 18 months for this process, if the project is overseen and executed by professionals. Here is another opportunity where, for example, the consultants of //SEIBERT/MEDIA can help you advance more quickly and efficiently.

But we always plan our projects sequentially. Your project approach is complex? Can’t it be done differently?

Of course it can be done differently. However, we have always had excellent experiences with this procedure. Regarding the organization of Wiki-projects, there are really no proven findings for an optimal process. We make our methods and approaches transparent, to give you insight into how we can proceed together. The exact structuring and procedures for your project will be custom designed for your needs and ideas.

Our Wiki-project is already underway. Is it still possible to work together with your company?

Of course. We advise companies from A to Z as well as in special areas. It is especially those times when the use of the Wiki doesn’t “turn on” that many companies begin to doubt and experience difficulties in recognizing and analyzing the causes. We can be a big help to you in this context as well as with many other activities.

What does your management cost after the piloting of the Wiki?

Our services are always calculated, budgeted and invoiced according to the work actually undertaken. We calculate various hourly rates, depending on which of our employees are working for you. Please contact us, you have further questions.

Where can I find further information?

Please simply take a look at one of our special Wiki-sites (german), if you haven’t done that already:

Numerous videos and tutorials on Wikis may be found here:

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